2017 Hurricane Preparedness info and links

2017 Hurricane Preparedness info and links

Since Sandy, I have been compiling info as it came along; hoping never to need it ..yet knowing a resource at all our fingertips was needed. in 2015 I published the first edition of this which was viewed by hundreds before Hurricane Joaquin fizzled out.  With Irma approaching, and another storm right behind (update:now named … Continue reading


Kicked to the curb

Warnings were ignored.  Everyone knew eviction day was near. Today the procrastinators and derelicts alike were removed from residence.   Maybe you can help them find their rightful home for the winter?  

Stay or Go? Know When the Storm Comes 

Do you want to learn more about hurricanes and evacuations? Sea Grant made a video about this project (among others in the Coastal Storm Awareness Program) showing on July 14th! There will be two screenings at the Long Beach public library: 2p and 7:30p with some amazing panelists and Spanish interpretation. Please check it out! … Continue reading