Sunday and “Hurricane” Sandy in Point Lookout

Sunday National Weather Service Storm Track Prediction for Hurricane Sandy

Sunday National Weather Service Storm Track Prediction for Hurricane Sandy

Well, the storm is tracking a bit further north than yesterday’s projections, upping some of our expected effects.
Starting today’s update: to the best of our knowledge:
At the moment: only in LONG BEACH- a voluntary evacuation has been called for, other than to secure the infirm from Long Beach Hospital and neighboring elderly from Assisted Living Residences and nursing homes.

We are under a Coastal Flood Warning, meaning coastal flooding is likely.

MTA will be shutting down all service tonight at 7PM!!!
Mandatory Evacuation Far Rockaway!!

Here’s the National Weather Service Storm Surge Probability, right now showing a 50% probability for a greater than 3 foot storm surge for Long Beach, Atlantic Beach, Lido Beachh and Point Lookout, but only a 20% probability of greater than 4 foot storm surge. I would say that means at this point about 3 feet higher than normal high tides.

National Weather Service Storm Surge Probability Hurricane Sandy

National Weather Service Storm Surge Probability, about 3 feet higher than normal high tides

High tides at Jones Inlet / Point Lookout are:

Sun 28 7:06 AM EDT / 4.22 ft 7:26 PM EDT / 3.83 ft
Mon 29  Full moon 7:44 AM EDT / 4.26 ft 8:06 PM EDT / 3.77 ft
Tue 30 8:20 AM EDT / 4.24 ft 8:45 PM EDT / 3.67 ft

I would suggest at these times, especially the Monday night tide which should coincide as close as possible with the height of the storm, to watch at that time for flooding. That’s probably not the best time to be trying to leave town!
if there is flooding- you’ll probably be cut off, as the barrier beach historically floods AFTER the exit roads have -near Starbucks just over the bridge in Island Park, and Meadowbrook parkway (although the level was raised after the road was underwater in the huge noreaster in ’92.)

Is it just me, or do these things always coincide with the full moon / astronomical (as in astronomy/moon, not necessarily meaning giant!) high tides?


Here’s the updated Hydrometerological Prediction Center Quantitative Precipitation Forecast. We’re up to looking at 2-3 inches of rain over the next 3 days

Please see our previous post for all the links to related websites and information.

Have you packed a “Go Kit?”  check it out by clicking it

Ok, so we’ve cleaned up the yard, secured all the loose things (sure wish they did at the house they’re building up the street-I’ve seen sheets of plywood go flying in an everyday summertime thunderstorm with 35 mph winds).

Although I DO NOT RECOMMEND FOR ANYONE ELSE, and don’t wish to change anyone’s mind, as of now, we are not leaving.
I have secured some space with family north of Sunrise Highway, just in case.
I Wholeheartedly recommend you should make emergency arrangements to leave, as well-just in case.

On another note: we do have a real problem- we’re not big canned food eaters. not big on pasta either. we’re mostly into fresh food or make a masterpiece meal on Sunday we can reheat during the week.

I look at a can of string beans and get grossed out imagining the smushy yuckiness inside.

If the power goes out, i guess we’ve got the grill and it’ll be a race to eat the thawing food!

So what are you doing to prepare food-wise?


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