Power Now Restored

Sandy Update:

Electric power has been restored to most of town as of 5:30 this evening. 

A big Thank You!!

to the Point Lookout / Lido Fire Department who organized, advocated for, watched out for and informed the entire town throughout this ordeal. thanks too, to all the volunteers who helped throughout.

so many people helped us out, including so many people from out-of-town, and we are greatful.

here’s the message from the Civic Association:

Thanks to the herculean efforts of the Fire Department, some of you may already be aware that power has started rolling into Point Lookout. The FD first was able to extricate Point Lookout/Lido from Long Beach to speed the process toward restoration, then with the help of local volunteers successfully undertook the task of required home inspections. The amount of progress made during the past 48 hours was nothing less than spectacular, and unexpected just days ago even by those involved.

As of now, power has been restored to most houses south of Lido Boulevard and the expectation is that power will be restored north of Lido by end of day today. THERE ARE SOME EXCEPTIONS, some houses will be without power for various reasons. But much of town is on track to be restored.

Important instructions: to turn your power on, first turn on the main breaker switch. Wait about five seconds. After waiting you can turn on the rest of the breakers. If you have any questions or concerns please go down to the fire house and they will help you. Better to be safe than sorry.

A few more quick points:

– The FD has been AMAZING, don’t forget that/them
– The community pulled together like never before, keep that spirit alive in good times and bad
– Much remains to be done. Some neighbors still don’t have power due to electrical/gas/other damage to their homes. Our local merchants must rebuild as well. And of course so much remains to be done to our west it boggles the mind. For those who can, continue to help however possible.



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