Point Lookout Civic Meeting, December 2012

Residents get some answers to Post-Sandy questions from members of the Civic Board.

Residents get some answers to Post-Sandy questions from members of the Civic Board.


Civic has a snazzy new website www.PointLookoutCivic.Org  (can you guys get a redirect to send those from the old website that’s still hanging out there to this one???)
Residents are asked to volunteer to help Clean up at the ballfield
Saturday, December 15 at 9 AM please bring gloves, rakes, and your neighbors
Point Lookout library branch – Wednesday, December 19 @ 8 PM Long Beach high school
Long Beach library system 2nd meeting to discuss future of our library branch

The Meeting

A very well attended meeting with over 120 people attending. Our first chance to see the newly repaired Rec hall.
Pres. Sheila Meyer spoke briefly, explained Civic has been meeting to discuss the post Sandy effects. Kate Murray came down earlier in the day to call for the Long Beach barrier island and storm damage  protection plan project be revisited.
Discussed Long Beach library and possible closing of point Lookout library branch. Paul Gomez has stepped up and fixed the flood damage but the library wants to “approve” the repairs.
Treas. Chuck Hansen spoke about making donations to various Sandy relief organizations.
Frank (Beanie) Houlihan left the civic $20,000. The board is proposing donating half to Sandy relief projects.
The only named one so far will be Long Beach Christmas Angel Incorporated , to give them a $2000 donation. The other $8000 would go to various causes in Point Lookout- none more than $2000.
Please email your ideas of what worthy group (not individual) in town “with a broad effect on the town”, would best need the help.
Names loosely thrown around were the Fire Dept, Morning Sun Nursery School, The Litttle League…
Please email who you would like to nominate to civic email address: pointupdates@gmail.com
There was brief chatter about what businesses are and are not able to operate in town. Some bay front favorites plan to be back in March or April.  Others on Lido Blvd are on, or getting on their feet.  
Dozens from the well attended meeting stayed after to catch up with neighbors, news and storm stories.

Dozens from the well attended meeting stayed after to catch up with neighbors, news and storm stories.

Environmental chair Gerald Ottavino spoke about the reactivation of the Long Beach Island storm damage project (see our previous post “Town Officals Visit Point Lookout to Talk Beach Protection”.)
Basically we’re waiting for Long Beach to reenergize their end of the story- if they want to mitigate ocean damage or not. So far they have begun the process by “revisiting” the project. When Long Beach decides that they’re on board the Army Corps of Engineers is ready to go.
He reminded us that this project effectively has us first in line to be helped by the Army Corps of Engineers. If Long Beach delays, we can quickly go to the end of the line while the Army Corps take care of New Jersey, Staten Island and the Rockaways.
Additionally the vast majority of politicians from the town, to the county, to the state, to federal representatives are mostly on board and ready to have the project move forward.
There was talk about the town building department and their mandated inspections for houses in the affected area.
Just repeating what we heard basically were told the bottom line if your house is damaged have it inspected by someone you trust -a licensed architect or engineer.
You may also want to have your house without damage looked over by a Licensed architect or engineer. You can then get from the town an “affidavit of no damage” which may help sell your house in the future.
Sheila Meyer closed the night saying “after the storm the firemen in this town were unbelievable”, to which the whole room erupted in loud applause.      

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