Do You Know What This Is?

do you know what this is??

do you know what this is??

Apparently, quite a number of people don’t.

Traffic sensors at many lights

Traffic sensors at many lights let the light know your there. it will then gladly change for you! The telltale signs – cuts in in the road. “move up” please!

Let the rant begin!   (thats your warning to stop reading)

This is a Traffic Sensor. You can read about it by clicking here

Just a pet peeve I need to get off my chest and if a few people are “educated”, all the better.

Please pull up to the light and over the sensor! I guess it’s too hard to look up to see the light if you’re too close? or people think it’s “safer” not to be right at the intersection? I don’t know! Please don’t make me try to think like them- it hurts.

I’ve tried to tell people over the years what these actually are, only to be rebuffed. They just don’t believe we have the technology.

You would think I was trying to change people’s minds, religion, or even worse- that science exists!

Maybe they belong to the “church of sit at lights of all day waits?
I dunno?!!

Don’t get ME involved if God is punishing you, making you wait at every light you come to! That’s between you two!

Regardless of affiliation, I assure you, no matter how much faith and belief you have, that light’s not going to change until you or someone else pulls up far enough and rolls over the sensor(s).

Ever notice the light never changes until somone else waits with you? Maybe you’ve been lucky enough to have someone else come up and hit their lane’s sensor, helping you get out of your own way? 

This past week I had this happen 3 separate times. The worst of which was at the light at Atlantic and Lawson, in Oceanside. Quite a feat, requiring two people who don’t know about these sensor-thingys to be coincidentally together as the first cars in each of the two turning lanes. Both were back from the stop line almost 2 car lengths to make this happen.

Before you say it, I know- and it had nothing to do with the train traffic since Atlantic still had the light turn green and then red in both directions on the cycle 4 times.(Yes this light yields to the train traffic so car traffic doesn’t pile up and stop on the train tracks on Atlantic Ave at the East Rockaway station – but this may require another entire post to explain). Unfortunately, these people thought they were waiting for the train. Sadly, their train had left the station. They were just “waiting”. And forcing the rest of us to wait with them, proving patience is only a virtue for so long.

After lightly then repeated beeping with no movement, then “suggesting” they “pull up”, then yelling it, devolving me into a prehistoric state.  I finally had to fight my way through a lane of traffic to the non turning lane which kept getting the light. I crossed Atlantic, went around Pearl St and back on Ocean to get away from the light.
I assume eventually one of them pulled up or died of starvation by now.

If you’re sitting at a light that won’t turn green, traffic is piling up behind you (If you would even notice that sort of thing) and some crazy guy is yelling “pull up” out his window, its not a commentary on your socks.
It’s me telling you to pull up your car, trip the sensor, and let the light change so the rest of us can get on with our lives.

thank you.


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