Project Hope comes to Lido Beach and Point Lookout.

Project Hope coming to LIDO Firehouse Tuesday March 19. 2013

Project Hope coming to LIDO Firehouse Tuesday March 19. 2013 @ 7:30PM

When Point Lookout Fire Chief Chas Thompson spoke at this weeks Civic Association meeting he introduced a new program available to all residents of Lido Beach and Point Lookout.

For many, the months after Sandy have become a time to seek support in the effort to move forward and work through the overwhelming task of rebuilding their lives.

Project Hope, a community-based, neighbor-to-neighbor support system, helps individuals move forward in several ways. Primarily, crisis counselors offer free and confidential support that helps people process their emotional and physical reactions. From the strain of dealing with logistical issues and financial and legal complications to the sheer loss of belongings, crisis counselors listen and help you sort through and cope with your feelings.

It is being presented through the Point Lookout, Lido Dunes and Lido Homes Civic Associations.

He described the situation firemen face as they deal with tragedies and the necessity to seek help in the wake of them. He knows that residents may be feeling some of the same, as they deal with problems of all kinds related to life after Sandy.

“We had the hurricane” and dealt with the immediate aftermath, “and now we’re in it for the long haul”.

The Chief knows what it’s like, he’s been displaced himself, and is facing the reality of possibly knocking his house down and rebuilding to accommodate the FEMA height requirement. Right now, he is looking at not being able to go home until the fall.

He wants to make sure word gets out to make the project is a success for residents.

“It’s already working in Long Beach and Island Park and we want to try it here.

This is something that anyone can come down and find other people who are sharing the same experiences,” he said.

“Statistics say people get down in February and March anyway.”  With the longer-term realities of dealing with the disaster coinciding with that, possibly getting to residents, now is the time to bring it here.

Available to all members of the community
Tuesday March 19 at LIDO (not Point Lookout) Firehouse at 7:30pm

You can find out more about Project Hope by clicking here!

If anyone has any questions, needs help in any way or even just needs a ride to this, Chas is available and said to please call him at his office at  tel:(516) 431-0300

“I think it’s a good thing for the community” Chief Thompson said.

Please share this with your friends and neighbors to help get word out.


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