Long Beach City Council finally to Revisit Army Corps of Engineers Plan

Len Torres says the majority is for the Army Corps Plan.

Video capture where Len Torres says the majority on the Long Beach City Council is for the Army Corps of Engineers Plan.

The Long Beach City Council are to finally put Army Corps of Engineers Plan on their docket at this week’s City Council Meeting.

I Hope they fulfill the promises they made when Senator Schumer was in town to finally approve it. (I have the video!)
I was about to blow a gasket when it wasn’t on their docket again (after almost 2 months)  for this weeks council meeting, but obviously some kind of pressure was applied and it has been added late yesterday.  Carolyn McCarthy finally came down to Long Beach to see the damage yesterday.   Coincidence?? 


The problem is, without Long Beach’s approval, and soon, we may have to get in line behind all the other areas damaged by Sandy. 

Because this project is “shovel ready”- meaning it can go right into the final stages and construction, we can be first in line.  Any delay in approving it, and we can end up YEARS behind by having to get in line at that time, instead.

It doesnt make sense to rebuild houses, businesses, the boardwalk (itself alone now up to costing about $1000 for each and every person residing in Long Beach!) etc and then leave it unprotected from the Ocean in big storms for the forseeable future?

At last week’s Point Lookout Civic Association meeting, Long Beach resident, Sandy victim, and Nassau County Legislator Denise Ford described the damage done to Long Beach because they did not have a dune system. The South (Beach) sides of Point Lookout, Lido Beach and Atlantic Beach had nowhere near the damage because the DUNES protected them.   Those dunes are for the most part heavily damaged now, but they did their job-they protected us.  She said not nearly as much flooding happened on the beach side in Atlantic Beach, where similar houses a block or two away in the West End of Long Beach had 6 feet of Water and sand(that wasnt held together like a dune) washed into the houses.

I guess tonight we’ll see what the council wants to do.  


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