Long Beach City Council Votes on Army Corps Plan

what's left of the Long Beach, NY boardwalk at Lincoln Blvd

Taken right afdter Sandy, what’s left of the Long Beach, NY boardwalk at Lincoln Blvd- youre not supposed to be able to see the boats out there! The New Dunes will reach up to about 1 foot below the level of the boardwalk

The Long Beach City Council did vote on the Army Corps of Engineers Plan to Repair and Restore the Long Beach Barrier Island’s beaches, dunes and jetties(groins).

Yes, Unanimous Vote to proceed with the 150 milion dollar plan, which Senator Chuck Schumer has assured will be fully funded.

Thank you to the Long Beach City Council for taking this step forward!   

Maybe we can all start working together again, realizing we are all integrally interrelated when it comes to protecting ourselves, our houses, businesses and infrastructure.   So many of us work together and support eachother outside the political sphere, its great that this previously devisive issue has been put to rest.  

You can read about it here: Newsday: $150M Long Beach plan takes step forward




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