Lost and Found: Of course it looks like a ?

of course its shaped like a ?

lost and found…

I saw this again yesterday in the Point Lookout post office. Its been there for over a week.

I didnt really think much about it at first, but every time I’ve gone back, the passage of time has lent an air of mystery.  every day it sits there brings a new question.

Its been moved, had a sign put on, sign taken off, new location , sign back on, sign folded back, sign folded forward(to get this picture), now no sign again.

(I guess someone’s putting on the hard sell, plying the wares, doing their part to display it most attractively… with no takers…)

Dang thing is just a big giant “?”   …in every possible way.

So many questions this poses, each causing my mind to picture an incredible visual answer for:

  • how the heck did they get home?
  • don’t they need this?
  • doesn’t somebody know who this belongs to?
  • how are they living without it?
  • they haven’t come back to get mail in this amount of time?
  • what exciting delivery would make them put it down and forget (they needed) it?
  • I wonder if they (whomever they are) are overdue for someone to check up on them?
  • did they get a new one in the mail? (my favorite!)


what does it make you think about?

please add your questions (and by all means any answers!)  in the comments below.


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