Welcome Back to the Buoy Bar, After Sandy

Welcome Back to The Buoy Bar!

Welcome Back to The Buoy Bar!

The Buoy Bar, located on Reynolds Channel in Point Lookout, reopened this week for the first time since Superstorm Sandy literally shivered their timbers.

This makes them officially the first business on the bay to get back up and running with their April 1, 2013 official reopening (not including their St. Patrick’s Day festivities)

The outdoor part of the property, Scotty’s Fishing Station, is still being rebuilt and plans are to open as soon as possible. Work was going on while I was there.

Work continues rebuilding the docks at Scotty's Fishing Station

Work continues rebuilding the docks at Scotty’s Fishing Station

Bartender, family member, part owner, businessman and (now) dock builder Pete Doheny spoke of the harrowing experience during Superstorm Sandy.

The New Buoy Bar bar

The New Buoy Bar bar

“We first knew Sandy would be a big deal because the tide never was going out. It just kept stacking, stacking, stacking. The high mark of (normal) high tide was where low tide was during the storm- the water never drained out.”

Within a short time of that realization, the water had risen high enough that floating docks on the bay were rising above their mooring pilings, and would unlatch and float away.
Pete found himself chest-high and fighting the current in the water chaining up their 100+ feet of dock to keep it from floating away. “That was scary. There were docks floating away. Then the water was coming up through the cracks in the deck” he said in reference to the high one outside the restaurant. “We tried sandbagging the doors, but it started beating them up. That’s when to save them, we opened them up and just let the water do what it’s gotta do.”

There was 4 feet of water throughout the bar. They lost pretty much everything inside: ovens, fryers, computers, furniture.

“The saddest part was the destruction that happened to Scotty’s longest-standing building on the premises. It was completely destroyed and everything in it was destroyed-all the inventory, all the machines, all the things that are used in day to day operations were completely lost.

“It really hit my parents harder than everybody else” he said of the destruction to the building that’s been the mainstay of the family operation for generations.

Luckily, Pete says they were able to salvage “maybe 80% of the decking and stringers, cleaning them up, taking the nails out” and re-using them, saving money to rebuild their extensive deck and dock structures.

Unfortunately “There really is no assistance for small businesses” Pete says.

“Matt, Andrew, Thomas, and our whole family ..and just a huge collaboration of volunteers” have helped put them back in the position to reopen.

Plus the family is feeling it’s strength in pitching in to rebuild. “four generations from my dad to my nephews. It’s been wonderful to watch everybody bond together.” Said Pete.

still flying strong

still flying strong

He went on to say “The generosity in our neighbors and friends who gave money and spent the time” volunteering and helping clean up “is the happiest part of this whole thing and helped us get through a lot of stuff”

The Back Deck is ready

The Back Deck is ready

Speaking of that, he assured me that those who sponsored items on the indie go go fundraising site, Rescue the Buoy Bar & Scotty’s Fishing Station , Point Lookout NY
like names on barstools and naming rights to new drinks will be honored in June. (Someone’s gotta follow the money! We’ll check back!-MMP)

the newly refurnished deck at the Buoy Bar in a post-rain sunset

the newly refurnished deck gleams in a post-rain sunset

He also mentioned to go to and Like the new Bouy Bar Fan Page on Facebook :
The Bouy Bar

Further news came this week that the lawsuits that have been running against them for a decade have been struck down for the fourth and probably final time.

“We’re just getting back to what we do best.” He said.


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