Beach Grass Planting Volunteers Needed!

Point Lookout Civic Beach... Ready for Beach Grass.  come plant some!

Point Lookout Civic Beach… Ready for Beach Grass. come plant some!

You can help re-establish and restore our Dunes!

Date: Sunday, April 28, 2013
10 AM at Point Lookout Civic Beach

11AM at Troy Avenue Beach in East Atlantic Beach

The Town of Hempstead is inviting residents to get involved and will be supplying the American Beach Grass (ammophila breviligulata). By the end of the weekend they hope to have 21,000 of them planted here in Point Lookout, Lido Beach and Atlantic Beach.


From the Town:

The Supervisor directed the township’s Conservation and Waterways’ staff to acquire 21,000 American beach grass plants, also known as ammophila breviligulata, to plant along rebuilt sand dunes in Lido Beach and other shorefront communities. The plants stabilize the dunes through a root structure that knits together beneath the sand. Beach grass roots can reach depths of 20 feet. Beyond combating erosion, the shoreline vegetation can actually help dunes grow in size by trapping sand in its elongated flowering spikes. As sand builds up around the new grass, stems grow higher, and newly sand-covered stems become part of the root structure.

Hempstead Town has built up dunes in Lido Beach, Point Lookout and East Atlantic Beach over several decades. The efficacy of the dunes in protecting local homes from tidal flooding was recognized in a December 3, 2012 New York Times article. Indeed, the article observed that the extent of Sandy-related damage was less severe in Point Lookout, Lido Beach and East Atlantic Beach, contrasted with the devastation in neighboring Long Beach, because of the dunes that were constructed by Hempstead Town over the years.

Finally, the grassy dunes of the south shore serve as a refuge for the endangered Piping Plover. By rebuilding dunes, Hempstead Town is protecting an important shorebird habitat.

Work was already done in Lido, kids from Camp Anchor got out and planted grass for Earth Day!

see you there!


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