Another Point Lookout Local “Lost”


For the second time in about as many weeks, one of Point Lookout’s own has vanished.

Similar circumstances surround the capers, first on the 100’s block of Hewlett, now on Garden City as well.

Sources say this latest is a female, Electra, with a light blue coat like in the picture below.


The perpetrator’s M. O. Seems eerily alike in both instances: Walk up, take.

Problems started last summer where some had to be chained or locked up at the beach for the first time. It seems some people think it’s quite okay to “borrow”.

One can only guess there’s probably other actions on part of the perpetrator like drink, laze, disregard and violate involved as well.

With the warm weather season here, residents are justifiably concerned with what may happen when everyone starts to take theirs out for the summer months.


The Civic Association had advised everyone to please take proper precautions, so as no more would be lost, and we reiterate that here.


To keep privacy of victims, we won’t publish that phone number, so
if you know blue Electra’s whereabouts, please let us know.


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