Paying It Forward to OK is in Our DNA

First and foremost: before you think otherwise, I think we should help the people in Oklahoma who were devastated by the eF-5 tornado. By we, I mean as in We The People: we, through The US government. Whatever everyone does in addition is welcome and applauded.

It didn’t take long before so many of our local heroes, who are helping Sandy victims most, got right on top of this.

I guess we know what it’s like. There’s no question, Sandy has made some real leaders emerge throughout the community. And there’s alot of people with recent hard-learned, self -taught training in “how to get things done” in a crisis.

I DO want to point out just some of the local groups making final calls for physical donations that will be leaving from here by Monday (May 27, 2013) or Tuesday (May 28, 2013)

In Town Today:


SOS NY (Island Park):


Project 11561 :


there are many others as well…

Ive been beside myself all week on this issue and how to approach it. Truth is it’s why I’ve been unable to publish anything- I’ve been fighting myself all week on this. i have widely mixed feelings.

people pointed out that we are rushing to help the people who voted against Sandy relief. Others pointed out we are helping the people, not the politicians. I agree… To a point.

I was happy this week to see some memes about the fact that Oklahoma’s Senator Coburn, whose healthcare plan was to pay doctors in chickens, thinks they should get federal aid (I believe they call that “takers”!) AND if that hypocrisy wasn’t bad enough, he thinks that aid should be paid for by cutting other expenditures… Like Sandy aid!

Last month I kept quiet when some of the most vocal and steadfast opponents to the Sandy Relief Bill, who held it up for over two months, and in the end were a considerable block of votes against it, were rushing to demand Federal aid (week of April 30) for their own, natural man made disaster at the West, Texas Fertilizer Plant explosion. This went completely unnoticed because we were in the middle of the Boston bombings.

Aid for me, not for thee is what they say?  makes my blood boil. 

My anger at a few politicians doesn’t override what I and most New Yorkers would do, put in a one on one with the victims: help.

So I just.. let it go. Lets argue about it later.

Right now there’s work to be done, and good people doing it.


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