Hempstead Town “All In” on Plastic Recycling


The Town of Hempstead has announced that starting immediately recycling plastics is no longer a game of sorting.

No more numbers in the recycle triangle needed. No more figuring out if what you have can be recycled.

The town announced they will take all plastics including toys, straws, medicine bottles, playground equipment… Whatever you have.

Supervisor Kate Murray said “Every year a person goes through almost 100 pounds of plastic, Hempstead Town will now be collecting it all!”

Hempstead Town acts more environmentally-friendly, and will save big money on all recycled plastics.

It costs the town $68 a ton to dispose of these materials in the traditional fashion, while recycling these additional plastic items will only cost $10, saving the town $58 a ton, and saving on landfill space.

A win-win for town residents.
It’s all … in.. your recycle bin.

This is been a pet peeve of mine for years. For so many products, the number inside their recycle logo are a number 5 plastic (dairy-yogurt, cream cheese etc) and number 6 plastic(fruit, vegetables etc) and those previously were not recycled. I’m happy to see that we have finally reached the day and age where this can be taken care of.

Look I just washed my first number six and threw it in the bin.


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