Fire Department Bond Open House

fireflyerOn Tuesday June 4, 2013 the Point Lookout – Lido Fire Department host an “open house” at the Point Lookout Firehouse.

They are expected to present to the public the plans for the $7 million dollar bond issue that raises taxes to pay for renovations and upgrades to 3 of their properties and buildings.

There’s an open house at the Lido Firehouse on Thursday June 6, 2013 as well.

The public vote will be held on Tuesday July 9, 2013.

Can’t be there, have a question?

all residents unable to attend can reply here with your information and question and we will do our best to ask it and report on it.

Please either post your question in the comments below or

send your name, address and question to

makingmypointNY at


2 thoughts on “Fire Department Bond Open House

  1. Joe Naham
    Blackheath Rd. Lido Beach.
    My question; Did anyone look into selling all three properties, purchasing (Just) One property on Lido blvd (It’s across from the Abandoned Water Dept. Building near Mushroom Park) And building a brand new facility, that’s sophisticated enough to answer the demands of a modern fire department?
    To me, if we want to negate the Tid-For-Tat element of this discussion (i.e.: “PLO Gets Value for two properties, Lido Gets value for only the refurbishment of one”) Then knock them all down, sell the Valuable properties, and build what we need in the middle of everyone, for everyone who needs it.
    Has anyone considered that? Whether it’s to purchase and build on the already empty property that is for sale, or how about the space where the abandoned and useless water dept. building currently is? The town may sell it cheap to a fire department? I’m speculating, but we need to get away from Tid-for-tat, and red tape, making the cost of living too high for younger generations, and retirees on fixed incomes as much as possible.

    • good question Joe. they said they did consider it for other properties, they didnt mention that one in particular. they said that no one felt it would work out for various reasons. can you re-post your question to the original article “Fire Dept $7 Mil Plans” where everyone can more easily see it? thx!

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