Post #100


So this is my 100th “real” post.

Not including just passing info etc, forwarding articles etc.: 100 real posts.

To celebrate I’m not really going to do much, so here it is.

The one thing I do believe, 100%:
This is a great time and opportunity to say:

Thanks to everyone following, sharing, commenting, giving me their time and thoughts and especially those helping out! Thank you!


It does get a little bit scary… if I start multiplying 100 by the number of hours that I know it takes that go into every post… Yikes!


ISON: 2013 – The Year of the Comet

Comet ISON taken By NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope on June 13 at 310 Million miles from the Sun. Photo by NASA/JPL-Caltech

Comet ISON taken By NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope on June 13 at 310 Million miles from the Sun. Photo by NASA/JPL-Caltech

Just interesting…

It’s looking like comet ISON, as it hurtles past Jupiter and Saturn through our solar system on its trip to and then around the sun, may be pretty memorable later this year.

ISON is named after the team that discovered it in September 2012, the International Scientific Optical Network (ISON) near Kislovodsk, Russia.

This is a first-time trip for the mountain-sized comet to pass the sun. It’s been on a 200,000 year journey Continue reading

Beachings: Are We Washed Up, Too?


A friend of mine posted this to Facebook this week :

A Dolphin washed up dead in Long Beach today (Tuesday), a (big sea) turtle, shark and another dolphin a few weeks back… Something is seriously wrong with our waters…
When is somebody going to do something about it?? :/

This post caused me to think about what everyday people care about and need to hear. I banged out my reply to go on their post. I am upset by it.

As I thought about what I had typed, like I often do, I decided no one wants to hear this. I carefully highlighted and cut my words out of the Facebook reply.
Not a moment later, someone texted me the picture above, of a small 3 foot long shark washed up on the beach right here in Point Lookout at second / middle beach taken at that moment.

I can’t help but feel Continue reading

Aggie’s Market And Kitchen Opens

Meet Nick, New owner of Aggie's Market and Kitchen

Meet Nick, New owner of Aggie’s Market and Kitchen

Meet Nick Trabulsi.
Nick just opened Aggie’s Market And Kitchen (516) 431- 2144, An IGA Affiliated supermarket.

Named in honor of his mother, and open now, the official grand opening is next Thursday, Friday, and Saturday July 25-27, 2013 after its soft opening this week.

Located at the former Merola’s IGA location on Lido Blvd in Point Lookout, they’ve done a nice makeover Continue reading

Point Lookout Property Owners Bond Vote Press Release


Press release from Point Lookout Property Owners:

“Let’s Chill Out For The Summer”

Before we do… a heartfelt thank you to the community for uniting in a common goal. The bond vote is a testament of a community united for the common good. A message of a community Continue reading

The Great Fire Bond Fail of ’13



The results are in.

The fire department reports:

1105 Total number of votes cast

_260 Number of votes in favor of proposition

_758 Number of votes against proposition

__21 Number of Affidavit Ballots

__66 Number of void votes

Statement from The Lido and Point Lookout Fire District:

The voters spoke and the outcome was disappointing to say the least. This was a solid plan to set up the infrastructure of the Point Lookout-Lido Fire Department for the next 50 yrs. We have been working tirelessly on this plan for the last two years and adapted the plan after Superstorm Sandy to meet the needs of the community in light of a large scale disaster. We really had no bells and whistles in the plan, just expanding the Firehouses to accomodate the larger fire apparatus that is required now as to 40 years ago, and shower facilities for the firefighters. The Fire District has been financially prudent for many, many years and will continue to be for the future. We will sit down and look at the results of the Bond Vote over the next few days and plan our course of action. We would like to thank those community members that supported the plan and will take input from all residents as we continue to plan for the future.

No word at this time if or when a new plan will be explored.