Liquid Natural Gas Port Off Pt Lookout!?

the map from the project, with my annotations. Courtesy of the Port Ambrose Project.

the map from the project, with my annotations. Courtesy of the Port Ambrose Project.

****update: I came under fire for pulling info out of thin air, you know my “opinion”, so I have attached citations to nip that in the bud. ****

Wait, what?

Right now, Liberty Natural Gas is on a fast-track approval process to approve this port 19 miles off Point Lookout’s shore.

Point Lookout will be the closest inhabited community to the project,
And it seems like no one is even remotely aware of it.

I am dead set against it.

Before you whip out your oil and gas talking points, in my opinion :

This plan was rejected in 2009 and vetoed by NJ Governor Chris Christie, who also reaffirmed the denial a 2nd time. Love him or hate him, the guy goes all out to protect the beaches.

Yes, this is the same people that were denied before, who operate out of an offshore bank account in the Cayman Islands, So good luck finding them in an emergency.

The ONLY public hearing on it: this coming Tuesday!!!

Date: Tuesday, July 9, 2013
Location: Allegria Hotel
80 West Broadway, Long Beach
Hearing: 6 pm to 8 pm


After you place your vote at the firehouse, head right over to Long Beach to be heard.

The only difference they’ve made in this plan has been basically so that New Jersey could be mostly excluded from shutting it down because we in NY and LI are sitting here with our heads you know where.

This is happening faster than our politicians and civic groups can even hear about it, much less grapple with it.

What a great time to ram through a project in less than 30 days public notice! Everybody is distracted with Rebuilding after Sandy, beach time openings, people just trying to get their lives back in order – you know generally no one paying attention.

The paperwork was filed June 14, 2013 and public discussion is DONE by NEXT WEEK.

This past Monday, July 1, 2013, clean water groups and Nassau Legislator David Denenberg (Merrick) held a press conference at Jones Beach asking to extend the ridiculously short 22 day public commenting period on the decision!! No word if it will.

(And you thought the fire department had a quick turnaround – this is a HUGE issue). This is not making the news and may be here and done before anyone knows about it.


Long Island Press-
Fight Looms Over Proposed LNG Port Off Long Island

Newsday had an article a few weeks ago which is wrapped up in this post from Sea By The City in Long Beach who have been all over this

And News 12 did a poll on it with no report.

All Our Energy: Stop the LNG Port Off Our Shore

NYC Surfriders have been organizing against it and alone will have DOZENS, maybe more at the hearing.

If you are friendly with the politicians Denise Ford, Harvey Weisenberg, Kate Murray etc. anybody else, please let them know to come to this hearing- it seems like nobody knows about it!

Now YOU do. Spread the word, share via email, and any social media you use or in the share buttons below.



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