Point Lookout Property Owners Bond Vote Press Release


Press release from Point Lookout Property Owners:

“Let’s Chill Out For The Summer”

Before we do… a heartfelt thank you to the community for uniting in a common goal. The bond vote is a testament of a community united for the common good. A message of a community
being proactive rather than reactive. Point Lookout voters soundly rejected the Fire Commissioner’s $7 million bond issue. A margin of 85% of the valid Pt. Lookout voters (508) voted “no” and 15 % voted “yes” .
As we all enjoy our beautiful beach and our unique community,
let’s reflect on our future tasks for the Fall:
The bond vote was not a victory or a loss. It showed the community needs to take initiative on its own so that we are not in a position where tax issues are dictated to us, but rather the community formulates a “master” plan that elected officials need to review before spending tax payer money. It is a real time message that average community residents are sending to their organizations and all special district managers: be they the Fire District, School District, Water District or others. “We want to have our voices heard and respected in all special tax district planning that affects our quality of life and pocket”
We encourage all property owner taxpayers and residents to join the Point Lookout Civic Association, (PLCA) should be your voice! (Bring its membership back to the previous year’s 400 plus member level from its present 200.) As appropriate, join the other local organizations to be part of the continuing dialogue with taxing entities.

For the community, have a great summer.

For John Mac Donald, Chair
Point Lookout Property Owners, Inc.
E mail PLPO@optonline.net box 556 Pt Lookout NY 11569
Note “PLPO”incorporated in 1958, only becomes the voice of
Point Lookout majority when they seek community information and a forum. We only appear, when a local organizations political opinion is restricted by policy or regulation.
In the interest of disclosure:
Harold Banvard
Charles H. Bole
Robert L. Doxsee
Joseph A.Garahan
William E.Hinkel
Andrew G. Kunz
Richard Lechler
John D.MacDonald
William F.Maley

Current Administrators
Donald Kelly
James Mac Donald
Robert Lechler

John D.MacDonald

We are not a membership fee corporation or in competition with any
Point Lookout Organization.
We act as only when community Ombudspeople are needed.


2 thoughts on “Point Lookout Property Owners Bond Vote Press Release

  1. I think everyone missed the point about the bond issue altogether.As a member of the Fire Department ,not the Fire District,I was disappointed with the way the bond was presented.The bottom line was the upgrading of infrastructure in the Fire District,was to me,the only issue that should have been considered.I know in these times when taxes are going through the roof everybody gets upset at the mere mention of “we need money”but this request was to insure that the Point Lookout and Lido community’s would have the best possible protection for the next 60 years.The additional 20.00 to 30.00 dollars a month on an average, per assessed value per home.Considering this,it is small price to pay if you compare this to past increases, for example, the athletic fields at the school.This is all I am going to say about the Bond issue.

  2. We live in a wonderful country. A country where people can have different opinions and share them openly and HONESTLY. A group of citizens formed to help serve a common commmunity goal is a wonderful idea. And in our beach community, particularly Point Lookout, that small town “vibe” is what makes it so appealing to many. However that organization or any organization like it should be honest and maintain integrity. I dont believe that was the case here. Our system of government both local and national allows for people to request information and voice their opinions on issues. When there is an issue that polarizes the first order of business to make a decision that bests suits an individual or family is to research facts and know where that information comes from. A lot of information was presented and made available to anyone who wanted to see it,as well as media coverage, yet the FACTs seemed to be in question. It seemed like everytime i spoke to someone or saw another anonymous flyer a new batch of numbers and “historical” information was presented. This is and proved to be very dangerous. Yes the tax burden is becoming or has been unbearable for many. However i encourage everyone to review their tax bills and see where their money actually goes, specifically the fire tax portion. The fire district presented a very frugal plan to make modest upgrades to infrastructure that is in desperate need of renovation and modernization. This includes lessons from Sandy. This plan was by no means “cadillac”…a car reference would be more accurately illustrated with a “scion”. Its my sincere hope that everyone educates themselves with the FACTs and sees fit to approve a bond in the future.

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