Aggie’s Market And Kitchen Opens

Meet Nick, New owner of Aggie's Market and Kitchen

Meet Nick, New owner of Aggie’s Market and Kitchen

Meet Nick Trabulsi.
Nick just opened Aggie’s Market And Kitchen (516) 431- 2144, An IGA Affiliated supermarket.

Named in honor of his mother, and open now, the official grand opening is next Thursday, Friday, and Saturday July 25-27, 2013 after its soft opening this week.

Located at the former Merola’s IGA location on Lido Blvd in Point Lookout, they’ve done a nice makeover on the place these past few months.

I walked in to the smell of something great on the griddle for breakfast as I asked him what he plans for the location.

The New Aggie's Mrket and Kitchen in Point Lookout

The New Aggie’s Market and Kitchen in Point Lookout

“We have ramped up all the prepared food items. The deli and salad work, the
garde manger – it’s all homemade. Nothing will come out of the bucket here except pickles.

“We will have prepared breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This morning is french toast (a-ha, that’s what i smell from the griddle!). For lunch we will have obviously deli stuff and griddle-hot sandwiches.

“Will have daily hot lunch and dinner specials and rotisserie chickens, which are a family secret recipe.” He tells me the first day’s chickens were sold out in the early afternoon.

The new look at Aggie's Market and Kitchen

The new look at Aggie’s Market and Kitchen

Nick has been to Point Lookout since the 70s as a child and his parents moved here in the 80s “I basically grew up here in the summers in Point Lookout. I always wanted to live in this town”

A few years ago, he made it official and moved into town with his wife and two children and he says the third is on the way. (Congratulations !)

“It Is very sad and unfortunate what happened to Merolas.” He said.

Some familiar faces have returned.  Thanks Carl.

Some familiar faces have returned. Thanks Carl.

With the store empty he had a “strong suspicion that it might go by the wayside and not become another supermarket, which would’ve hurt the town.

“When no one else wanted to do it… I just had to do it ”

He’s bringing his culinary background to make it a market with emphasis on the and kitchen. “Were not going to compete with BJ’s or King Kullen, we’re going to have all the staples and any other specialty items.”

He tells me they eventually plan on getting a Peapod -type online order and delivery system up and running later in the season as well as a website with online ordering.

Coming very soon: home and beach delivery of the prepared foods. 9am-5pm at the beach at the main entrance. For now, deliveries will be every hour on the hour for orders placed by 30 minutes after the hour. So order by 9:30 will be at the front gate at 10:00. They’ll be able to take cash or credit or debit card on the beach.

“People coming and going from work can have breakfast or dinner.” The philosophy is: “good food as fast as possible- not fast food, to be prepared to order for breakfast lunch and dinner.”

All Lined up at the new Aggie's Market and Kitchen, Point Lookout, NY

All Lined up at the new Aggie’s Market and Kitchen, Point Lookout, NY

“The IGA logo is ‘Hometown Pride’ and that’s what we’re aspiring to be. We just need everybody’s support”

Come see for yourself, welcome Nick and see some familiar faces from the Merolas staff back in action.


One thought on “Aggie’s Market And Kitchen Opens

  1. The Merola Family and the Merolas store was an institution in Point Lookout for almost a century. Although it was a shame to see it go (and them too…haha) the need for a supermarket remains. Nick and his crew look like they have done a great job to MODERNIZE and UPGRADE this point lookout institution and ensure a place for people to go. Its also nice to see a few familiar faces. It was sad to hear of Wallys passing but Carl is still working hard keeping the shelves well stocked and Diane is behind the register keeping the customers moving. Good Luck to the whole Aggies Crew…it may be different…but its still the same!

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