Beachings: Are We Washed Up, Too?


A friend of mine posted this to Facebook this week :

A Dolphin washed up dead in Long Beach today (Tuesday), a (big sea) turtle, shark and another dolphin a few weeks back… Something is seriously wrong with our waters…
When is somebody going to do something about it?? :/

This post caused me to think about what everyday people care about and need to hear. I banged out my reply to go on their post. I am upset by it.

As I thought about what I had typed, like I often do, I decided no one wants to hear this. I carefully highlighted and cut my words out of the Facebook reply.
Not a moment later, someone texted me the picture above, of a small 3 foot long shark washed up on the beach right here in Point Lookout at second / middle beach taken at that moment.

I can’t help but feel
someone up there reminded me that it is my place to speak about these things I see and want to talk about.

Instead of posting my reply, I felt I needed to share it here, I know she will see it anyway.

My reply:

Should someone else do something about it?

Its truly sad these things are happening.
Its a blessing good people are finally noticing and realizing they cannot live in denial of what is going on – whether it be climate change, ocean acidification, pollution, or just plain willful harm to innocent animals. It’s too bad it took until climate change came home to wake them up last year.

I would think after everything that’s gone on the last year everybody would be waking up to the fact that WE must do something about it. You. Me…Us!

No one else is coming to save us.


You know they used to take canaries into coal mines because they would die right away to warn the humans of invisible dangers…this is just the same thing. I suspect mother nature is coming back to wake us up again.

Before last year I only heard about dolphins in this area in some distant, far-flung fable where no one could actually remember just when or where around here it happened. Just local legend.

Then our new summertime tourists arrived. A whole big family. I think they’re called a pod. They passed by our beach last August, every day.

I wondered then, if they were displaced by the BP / Deepwater Horizon oil spill. I told my wife, on the beach on August 2 last year, if the water here is that warm, we’re gonna have big trouble with hurricane season.

Everybody knows what happened last fall.

This year – the dolphins were here by 4th of July when the water was already approaching the usual maximum temperature a month early!

This year they’re dying here.

And that warm water was with below average temperatures for the entire spring. We had a record week long heatwave plus many separate days in the 90s since.

I swam in the ocean Monday to cool off after work. Downright tropical warmth.

Something is definitely up.

It’s not up to somebody else to do something about it.

We need to do something.

We need to know what is going on.

Is there a marine biololigist in the house?


5 thoughts on “Beachings: Are We Washed Up, Too?

  1. These comments are so wildly inflated….so irresponsible. I suppose you go through life reacting to things without any rational thought? The ocean this year is colder than normal and I’ve seen dolphins since I was younger…30+ years ago…in the south shore, Rockaways and in the sound. It’s called the food chain…fish and mammals follow the food so you should be happy that the waters support this growth in the food population. And just so you know, animals die on occasion just like humans all around you. I wonder how many sand sharks exist vs the two that passed away. And honestly, the BP spill was obviously nasty but have you noticed how the planet kinda knows what to do and how those ‘long lasting effects’ have gone away after 3 years? You must be aware that the earth leaks so much oil naturally in to the oceans on a daily basis as a normal event….look it up and tell your friends. Listen, nothing is perfect (locally with terrible fishing draggers and globally with no one else but us worrying about pollution) but really, let’s make it it a point to tell a full story.

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