LI LNG and the Media Silence

I know I may seem kind of preachy of late, maybe you didn’t sign up to hear about serious issues here.
Well, I didn’t ask for them, they’re just happening to us. I won’t sit idle.
I think people need to learn about it and talk about it… And it feels like no one else is doing it.
So, if you don’t care, by all means tune this one out. There’s other stories of local interest coming up.

This is the next in a series on the proposed LNG Port off our shore.

please see our previous posts :
“Liquid Natural Gas Port Off Pt Lookout!?”
LNG: They Said It Couldn’t Happen for more in-depth info.

Sign at the Allegria Hotel for the hearing, which was termed the Public Scoping Meeting.

Sign at the Allegria Hotel for the hearing, which was termed the Public Scoping Meeting.

On Tuesday, July 9, 2013, well over 300 -400 people attended the public hearing on the Environmental Impacts of the Liquified Natural Gas port a foreign corporation wants to put off Point Lookout. Most people spoke vehemently against it.

I want to thank our Point Lookout Civic Association board members Gerry Ottavino and Patrick Algier for attending.

First up: links for YOU to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT:

click here for all the public information regarding the LNG Port licensing request :

Tell them no! Comment to the regulators on the project’s official government docket by clicking here by 8/22/13.

Click here to sign the Sierra Club petition : No LNG Port In NY / NJ Waters

Petition to Governor Cuomo to veto the project by clicking here

The lack of media coverage is appalling. No factual information for the public to help understand other than he said / she said.

That is of course unless you include, Long Beach resident artist Nick Meola, who was misquoted by the media as in favor of the project. He actually said he couldn’t wait to put our ingenuity to work…. Not on the project itself, but on the evacuation and mitigation plans that would be needed if the project happened!
Desperation to give the story “balance” I guess between 400 people against and 4 in favor. Or just what you could remember without notes, video, or a transcript.

Finally-yesterday from Long Island Press: Long Island’s Offshore LNG Port Proposal’s Critics Fear Fracking Exports on Horizon

How did this lack of coverage happen?
There was supposed to be a transcript available of all the speakers, which was explained for 5 minutes about the court reporter /stenographer on hand and the reason for numerous rules placed on speakers. This transcript has not materialized. But telling people that they would be able to get a transcript, and then not doing it, sure kept the media and other outlets from paying attention to, recording and reporting what people said. Luckily, some of us still take notes!!!! But that was sure enough to let the newsday and news12 people spend their time taking video and pictures of the crowd and room and signs instead of the speakers, most of which never aired.

To see a synopsis of what was said and quotes from numerous speakers at the hearing click here.

Legislator David Denenberg speaks his concerns at the LNG Public Hearing Press Conference

Legislator David Denenberg speaks his concerns at the LNG Public Hearing Press Conference

I want to thank local politicians that spoke. You can see who they were at that synopsis link above.

I must also say to our local politicians that didn’t show up..

I call it like it is: That only a few elected officials, all from one national political party showed up and spoke is a DISGRACE. I wonder why. This should be a bipartisan issue.


The August 22, 2013 deadline for the public -YOU- to let the people deciding this matter know how you feel about it is coming up.

Please use the links above to make your voice heard.

Feel free to use the share buttons below to help spread the word via email or social media to those you know.

Next up in this series…. “LNG: So What’s the Problem?” Some basic explanations everyone can understand.
Coming soon.


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