Perseid Meteor Showers 2013


The annual Perseid meteor showers have started and are expected to peak Monday and Tuesday nights, August 12-13, 2013 when up to 100 meteorites may be visible per hour. Viewing time starts at about 9:30 when the place they seem to come from, the constellation Perseus, rises up over the horizon.

Peak time is after midnight.

Perseids are the rocks and dust left behind from comet 109P/Swift-Tuttle as the Earth passes through those remnants. The weather seems a little “changeable”, so take the night you can, put your beach chair back and relax.

You will need to Look North / Northeast to see them (see map above).


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Sierra Club:Perseid Meteors Rain Down

Another great map and some more info at

Interesting story on “Earthgrazers”- meteorites that go across the sky, rather than fall.

These happen in the earlier evening hours as they skip off the Earth’s atmosphere.

They are reporting observations of up to 50 meteors an hour already this weekend.


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