LNG: What’s the Problem?


Your skepticism is there. It’s just a bunch of environmentalists, you say.

So what’s the problem?

This hearing was about the size and scope of the Environmental Impact Statement (the EIS). This is a huge hurdle every project like this must face. Of course they would like to face it with as little opposition, information, and scrutiny as possible, while limiting the sphere involved.

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click here for all the public information regarding the LNG Port licensing request :

Tell them no! Comment to the regulators on the project’s official government docket by clicking here by 8/22/13.

Click here to sign the Sierra Club petition : No LNG Port In NY / NJ Waters

Petition to Governor Cuomo to veto the project by clicking here

These environmentalists keep talking about export and hydro fracking for natural gas which have nothing to do with this and are separate issues.

It is only a separate issue if the port is actually used for imports.

Imports cost much much more than current US prices, so economically, for the foreseeable future, this cannot be.


If the scoping is limited to “just imports” then all that is in the environmental impact statement (EIS) is the near area of the buoy and the pipeline where they connect and the vulnerability of the tanker. You do not have to consider where the gas is coming from and thus the environmental impacts of global warming and pollution of air, land, and water that the extraction of that gas will cause.


Great article showing this is an export “Trojan horse” “Activists: LNG port will lead to fracking.”

“It’s called an import facility right now. But the economics on their face dictate that this is really, ultimately, for export,” John Burke, a finance professor at Monmouth University, said.

This morning, natural gas in the United States was $3.67 per million BTUs. …
In Europe, natural gas is $9.92.
In Japan and Asia, it’s $17.71.

That’s this morning.

“So, do I really believe this is for import? No. Not really.”

Not the last generation’s “clean natural gas” anymore

I know, it is hard to reckon ones own energy use, to consider where our “clean natural gas” is coming from. It’s no longer clean and highly debatable if its even better than coal anymore. Yes it burns 40% “cleaner”. That’s if you only look at the burning and do not include leaked gas and the pollution fracking causes.

Escaped, leaked, unburned gas is a super-potent greenhouse gas -“100 times more potent in the first year, 72 times more potent after 20 years and 25 times more potent after 100 years” (check out the science and factual information at http://www.edf.org/methaneleakage) .

If just 1% escapes into the atmosphere you are at break even with coal ( epa & industry -not enviros – says its 2.4-3.6%) and then the destruction and lack of accountability involved in extracting it is appalling.

All evidence points to water pollution being a major side effect of this hydrofracking. All the other places it’s going on are facing it.

That this is in the area that is the watershed (where all the drinking water collects from hundreds of square miles into reservoirs) for the drinking water for 15,000,000 people from upstate New York to New York City and below, is insanity.


Over 200,000 (and rising) NY residents have spoken out to try to stop NY from becoming the fracking wasteland PA has become. The average joe in PA did not get the riches they were promised.

In fact, many have lost everything as industry has left the state devastated, their drinking water wells contaminated, gas and land stolen by “slant” and “horizontal” drilling and land taken outright by public domain laws. Not sure why some people keep forgetting they have been referred to as “the little people” by this industry.

Today, people in depressed upstate NY areas are being fooled with those same promises.

Governor Cuomo has only slightly bowed to public demands. He has left the openly pro- fracking head of the Department of Environmental Conservation (an oxymoron if ever there was) in charge of the environmental review. He says he wants to hurry up and issue licenses before any regulations are imposed!

The DEC head sees dollar signs for himself as a geologist (his background) in there. He’ll privatize himself a 7 or 8 figure position with a private drilling company or hedge fund, which is what Liberty Natural Gas really is, as soon as this goes through. Mark my words. He has the inside info on all the locations and all the competition.

The fracking moratorium to consider health impacts.

After a hard fought legislative win in the State Assembly, and even though (maybe especially since) the majority of State Senators have said they will vote for it,

our Senator Skelos, as head of the Senate, has so far refused to hold the vote on the fracking moratorium

so an environmental review can be done and fully completed before the state is opened up for fracking. It’s been ready for a vote for over six months.

It’s not a majority, many Republicans are ready to vote for it.

But the license is for “import only”

The environmental groups have pointed out that once this license is approved for export, all it will take is a request letter from the company to the Maritime Administration, under the “Ports Act”, to amend the license. They say it has already been done for another site, this year, under the very same Ports Act rules this application is under, in the Gulf of Mexico. Import facilities had their license changed to export by simply a letter requesting it.
The federal rule / law applies the same here. The precedent is already set. That’s it!

Why does export matter?

There will be no further public hearings necessary to switch to export.
Now you would have an export facility that there did not need to have the proper environmental impact statement and public review done.

That real EIS for export would have to take into account what is called the “upstream” effects. The fracking that will be going on in New York State would have to look at ruining the drinking water for 15 million people in turning the state into not just an economic wasteland but environmental wasteland. Now it is totally side stepped with no oversight or control by the public.

You don’t think those upstream effects matter for us?

Dont forget, to boat off the gas, it must be liquified, at sea, by chilling it to -260 degrees farenheit in experimental equipment 19 miles out at their buoys.

To accomplish that they will burn off a significant amount of natural gas to accommodate the creation of such a massive scale hyper industrial freezer. The pollution and exhaust of that would be ours, to blow in on the sea breeze right at us. Possibly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

What could possibly go wrong?

How’s this for insanity: Fracking waste water is hard to get rid of. No one wants the chemical and radioactive water. The fracking industry wants laws to allow fracking waste water to be legally sprayed on road surfaces statewide – They want to use sprayer trucks to drive down the road and highway spraying it on the road- Seriously!

If It weren’t for the same environmentalists, we would be accepting fracking waste water at our already battered wastewater treatment plants like Bay Park! These plants are unable to treat it, so essentially the chemicals in it would go straight into our bays and ocean. The law used to say they had to take it.

This was stopped by these same environmentalists, as that loophole was left open until the public outcry pushed Nassau legislators to close it last year. If you make your voice heard it does make a difference!

How do they expect they can roll over the public.

They know they can fool a few people who otherwise would be against this, who think they’re going to strike it rich on their land or see cheaper natural gas come rolling in in tankers.

It’s just not possible, not for the foreseeable future!

Its the classic con. The original film flam. It works by exploiting the mark’s greed or entrenched beliefs.

They know a few crumbs of the billions in profits is enough to buy any politician. Looks like the top people are on board.

Hopefully you can see the connections to other issues and why this issue extends beyond the limited scope the company is pretending to talk about and why the seemingly outside issues of “export” and “fracking” matter.

Bottom line for all is:

  • There’s no accountability.
  • Very real threat of pollution directly in our ocean water
  • Makes no financial sense except for export which will raise prices, create possible local shortages, and and cause other pollution we will have to deal with.
  • There’s no contingency, terrorism or emergency plan even necessary!
  • We get no benefits, just all the risks.

Don’t forget, what these environmentalists favor protects

  • you,
  • your property,
  • your safety,
  • your breathable air,
  • and your drinking and ocean water.

They do not stand to make money or any other personal gain on your back.

The worst they can be is wrong, and nothing bad happens.

Please take a few moments and make your opinion heard by using the links at the beginning of this post.
A heartfelt, personal appeal may be meaningful, you never know!

Next up…. Time to Act : LNG or Not


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