Summer Bucket List 2013


Isn’t it exciting! Everybody gears up for back to school and work, starting a new year- getting serious again. Ready to hang up the summer clothes and embrace the cold weather that awaits us and…
Ha! just kidding!!!!

One day I wake up and suddenly June and July are just a memory and before I know it, August is two thirds done!

I don’t know about you, but for some reason I’ve always been a “summer kid”.

Maybe it’s because that’s when my birthday is and ever since i was a kid I’ve always looked forward to it.
Maybe i revel in the freedom ingrained of all those childhood summer breaks from the confines of school.
Maybe it’s just a fun time- more casual, less clothes, shoes optional the world’s your playground. Maybe it’s because I love doing things outside, unencumbered by weather. Maybe its because I am a water baby – I love being in the ocean. Maybe it’s because I love the beach: that’s what’s drawn me down here in the first place all those years ago.

Maybe winter is just too dang cold! And way too long!


I have to admit I usually do mark the flipping of the calendar on August 1. I have a little mental breakdown and say oh my God- there’s so many things I haven’t done only a little bit more than a month left of “summer”. I resolve to make sure I take in everything I can, make the most of the limited time allowed. Make some great memories to tide me over through the long off season.

This year August 1 came and went.
August 10 came and went, then August 15.
Each time I couldn’t wrap my head around that time has flown so quickly.

This precious, precious time that I wait for all year, and it is slipping through my fingers!!

Hard as I might try, I cannot hold it back, cannot slow down the passage of these summer days.

I have had a pretty good run, seized the days I could.

Yet, there are so many things I thought I would do this summer that I still haven’t gotten to. Here on August 20, I have my reckoning:

  • I often think I might go back to see the neighborhood and home of my childhood that I haven’t seen since. So many memories. So many tragedies. Places of that time are locations for many many dreams that I have. Almost all good.
  • Thought for sure there would’ve been waaaay more nights down at our fine local establishments with friends and friends I hadn’t met yet…. Haven’t had near enough!
  • Have the family kids down for a fun day at the beach. (Can not believe how hard this is to accomplish!)
  • Enjoyed more meals and time in general outside at the house. ( ok the mosquitoes have been a good excuse for not doing more)!
  • Who ever gets enough time at the beach?
  • Finish more of those little projects around the house. (I know this is in direct conflict with, and already the reason for not doing some of the others)

I can only hold hope out for a strong September.


Those in the know appreciate the quiet beauty and solitude of the beach after Labor Day. Good waves, too!
Shhh- don’t tell anyone!

I love summer so much, I guess I’ll always feel I didn’t get enough!

What is on your bucket list for Summer 2013 ?


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