Secure Your Storm Buddies Now

If theres an evacuation, and the Loop Parkway looks like this, you want to know where you’re going to!

Before the summer is over, a reminder-

Now is the season, when your friends and relatives come down to enjoy your hospitality and the beach.

This is the time to get commitments from the ones who live out of the storm surge zone to host YOU in the event of a hurricane evacuation.

It’s only fair!


Don’t be shy. They’ve been enjoying your hospitality this summer.

I’m pretty sure next time, quite a few more of us will be evacuating. The limited shelter space may not be enough and most don’t allow pets.

You want to be at least north of Sunrise Highway, if not Southern State Parkway if you can.

Have a plan.

Although I hope it never happens again, it’s only smart to be ready for the worst.

And who better to ride out the next storm with, than fellow beach-lovers?

What’s your plan?

Thanks To Fire Commissioner Andrew Richter who proposed doing this during his Hurricane Preparedness presentation earlier this summer.


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