The True Tale of the Ted Treasure and the Pirates of Reynolds Channel


A large crowd gathered as pirates stormed from land and the shores at Ted’s Fishing Station in Point Lookout on Friday August 30, 2013.

“I heard gunshots so I had to come see what was going on” said one brave (?) local.

The local children were conscripted and pressed into crew when their parents were plied with rum and other assorted spirits, ales and pizzas.


Their mission: find the lost, buried Ted Treasure of the fabled Pirates of Reynolds Channel.

With quite the search, o’er land and sea, the provenance of a map led the group of merry mites, ahem mates, to the far shores at edges of the kingdom of Ted.


Discovery was but half the game. Once found, the entire crew had to work together to bring the treasure to the surface. With a heave – ho the chest of plenty was raised from the depths.


The lock was prised and the booty sprung forth to be shared by one and all, as laid down in the pirate’s code, so as nary a tear be shed.
(I didnt say none!)


And the celebration continued well into the evening.

That, lads and lasses, brethren and sister-en, sea farer and landlubber alike, is The True Tale of the Ted Treasure and the Pirates of Reynolds Channel.


One thought on “The True Tale of the Ted Treasure and the Pirates of Reynolds Channel

  1. As the night progressed, parents BORROWED the kids bandanas and eye patches. The party continued well into the late hours. The rum was a flowing!
    We were like kids all over again. What better way to end the season then at Teds Shell Shack 1st annual Pirate Party.
    We are open weather permitting for the next few weekends.
    We had a wonderful season. Love you all and look forward to serving you next year!

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