New School Speed Zone-20 mph


Just waking everybody up who may not yet have noticed- starting this week there is a new school speed zone on Lido Boulevard in front of the middle school / golf course / Marvel in Lido.

It is now a 20 mile an hour school zone 7AM to 6PM ON SCHOOL DAYS.

Do you have any idea what the penalty is for just 10 miles Per hour over the limit, in a school zone?!


I don’t argue the merits of it, I just want to let everybody know it’s a huge ticket. Huge for not keeping it under 20 miles an hour on a 6 lane road, that would be a highway in any other state, country, planet. Just saying- it’s reeeeeally easy to go over 20 mph here!


So what’s the penalty?
According to :

10 miles above the posted speed limit and under will be assessed 3 points and a $300 fine with an $85 surcharge.

And going just 31 miles per hour (above 10 mph over the limit)

they begin to face the possibility of jail time, ranging from 15 days in jail. They can also face fines up to $600 dollars in fines with an $85 surcharge.

I assume 3 points would be the starting point for over 10.


I know you want to keep it safe in the school zone so why get a ticket for it?

Just take it easy in that area!


3 thoughts on “New School Speed Zone-20 mph

  1. Good idea..HOWEVER, there should be a warning signs saying speed “zone ahead”…or “school zone – reduce speed.” The signs can hang from the traffic lights that overhang the blvd…this would help greatly..there is a 30mph sign now and almost instantly the 20mph sign is there…..very easy to miss and so the county is making alot of money catching drivers with a one two punch in the wallet. There are police cars on both sides of the blvd with laser guns. How long will that last. Isn’t the idea “safety”
    Mrs. M
    Lido Bch

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