One Year of Making My Point

corrupted residents only sign

Just kidding-more than half of you are from out of town! you are welcome here!

Well here it is. One year ago today I started this … Thing.

I don’t really even know what to call it. It’s not really so personal or opinionated as to be what most people think of as a blog, although some things I refuse to keep quiet about!

I want to say, Thank You for sharing this time with me.

It has challenged me in many ways.

I am challenged everyday to make this so much more personal, and everyday find lots of real reasons not to.

Credibility. Fairness. Newsworthiness.
My and others’ privacy.
Do I really have the time?

It has challenged my perceptions of other people’s privacy. For example, I’m constantly confronted whether to take and publish and cite photos of the kids around town in newsworthy-like situations. (Others do it all the time)
You may notice a lack of it, it’s on purpose. It’s probably just my old-fashioned sense of privacy no one seems to have anymore. Just one example. I have erred on the side of caution. And that has definitely made things harder than other people seem to have to deal with.

I had intended this to be a little different than it has turned out, so far. Not that that’s bad. I thought it would be much less than it has become- also for good or for bad. Then Sandy happened and people were looking for information no one else had.

I had just envisioned dropping some cool amateur photos. A few short blurbs. I hoped to meet neighbors and friends along the way. This town was in need of some online representation. I saw a few had made a run of something like this and gave up. It didn’t scare me.

I’m just the type of person, when I feel something needs to be done, I do it. Oh… I may look around first to see if anyone else will step forward, but when they don’t….

A good number of events I “covered” I actually DID. I don’t just show up and take pictures. I raised the roof, I planted, I rehabilitated Habitat, I made sure everyone got (and probably still has) those FEMA MRE’s (lol)! True, I’ll still only “cover” the crazy polar bears!

I met so many great people and I look forward to meeting more of you.

As you can probably tell, I’m not in it for notoriety. My name appears nowhere here. Theres no money either. This is not my profession.

But it is a hobby that’s takes maybe too much of my time.
So yes, at the one year mark I am asking myself “why”? And I’m not sure.

It’s the time of year many take stock. Check the direction one may be headed in. I’m no different.

I’m definitely going to be doing some things differently from here on out.


I do want to show you a couple stories I’m really proud of that for reasons of “vagaries in the Internet marketplace” , were not as widely seen as I think they should’ve been.
Many get squashed by facebook – the sole method many of you use to “follow” me. It happens often- because this is a “page” on there, they want me to advertise. So they regularly only let half of you (and slowly) see most posts. I can then buy my way to the rest and maybe 1000 more. Annoying. There is no money in this for me so there isn’t any for them either. Post to come!

Whatever the reason, here’s the ones according to my stats, that many may not have seen, and my favorite.

The Shell Shack almost didnt come back
Back In and On the Water at Ted’s Fishing Station

I gotta do more video!
dont worry, its only a TV show

NY Assemblyman Harvey Weisenberg said “This is the most serious problem in (Long Beach’s) history”. 19 days later, Sandy hit.
Long Beach Drinking Water Meeting

A great day, great accomplishments with great neighbors.
Beach Grass Planting at Civic Beach

Did you take this poll?
Opinion: not having mail delivery will continue…even on Saturdays!

Apparently, many do not! maybe my 2nd favorite, and if i educate you in the process, all the better!
Do You Know What This Is?

Rumor has it : respectable news and official-type sources called the fire dept and others in town to confirm if the disaster was happening. You would think they would READ it. I kind of like that. I would never cry “fire” on a crowded parkway.
LNG: They Said It Couldn’t Happen

my favorite:

Beach Etiquette: The “Unspoken” Rules

So I’ve got questions for you :

What were your favorites?

Is this a blog (most don’t know what that is), a website, photojournal, digital toilet paper?? How would you tell someone about it?

What could be more interestingly done?

What am I not covering that everyone is clamoring for?


your thoughts here: Leave a Reply

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