Photo of the Week 20130930 – The First Edition

"Blue Dock Poles" fantastic light!  taken 9/6/2013 on iPhone 5 at Ted's Fishing Station

“Blue Dock Poles” fantastic light! taken 9/6/2013 on iPhone 5 at Ted’s Fishing Station

I briefly  touched on the subject that I’m not posting all the photography I thought I would be.

To rectify that, starting here I begin a “photo of the week” which for now will happen every Monday.  Maybe a little something nice or interesting to help start your inbox off on the right foot for week.  This will be in addition to any other posts I publish.


I’m no pro, but I definitely know what I think looks good…to me anyway!   It really helps that we are blessed with such beautiful surroundings here in town, too!

I will be uploading much higher resolution photos for these (the ones on all the posts are optimized way down for the size of the post.)   You can click on the image to go to the hi-res form.

I envision the posts to be almost no text, other than a caption.  i guess we’ll figure it out together.

Starting a few weeks ago, I began posting some photos from around town on Instagram. That is a lot of fun!

Instagram is a social media smartphone app  that lets you post pictures (and even tweak them with effects) directly from your smartphone.  Others can like or comment on your post and follow you, as you can follow anyone whose pictures you like.

You can check that all out at my Instagram ID: makingmypointny.  A couple dozen pictures are up there.

Thanks to those of you who already found me there and are following!

Well here’s the first.  I hope you like them!


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