Project Hope in Point Lookout

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First I want to congratulate PL resident, Donna Pisacano-Brown who is a counselor with Project Hope in Long Beach. I saw your picture with Assemblyman Harvey Weisenberg in his mail out this week. Congratulations on such a successful project, keep up the good work!

So everyone knows, this program is also available to Point Lookout residents affected by Sandy – in most any way.

Coming up on the one year anniversary of what was probably the worst day ever for the greatest number of people on this barrier island, is sure to stir some emotions. We really have come so far. We all fear it can happen again.


I think we have a “stiff upper lip”, “we don’t ask for help” ethic here in town, I know I am that way. When I speak to people over the past year who tell me what they lost or how bad it was, they tend to say they “think that other people probably need the help more than they do.” Well maybe. But it doesn’t necessarily work like that.
I had to remind someone whose house was flooded out and lost most everything, that WE ARE those other people this time.

There’s nothing wrong with getting a little help.

Our contact person:
Paul Rubin
Project Hope Crisis Counselor
516 505 2003

Here’s what they do:

“Project Hope is a federally funded, not-for-profit organization that is helping Long Island residents to recover from Hurricane Sandy. Project Hope is administered by FEGS – Federation Employment and Guidance Services, one of the largest not-for-profit health and human services organizations in New York. Project Hope assesses, educates, and links residents and business owners to available resources including, but not limited to, state and local grants, pro bono legal services, and mental health services. We also offer weekly support and networking groups to help residents cope with, and recover from, the lingering effects of Hurricane Sandy, while providing them with an opportunity to meet people who face similar challenges. These groups are excellent sources of information as residents are able to share their experiences, as well as resources, with their neighbors. All services that Project Hope offers are FREE.”


Please contact Paul Rubin if you have any reason, question, or are in need of help in any way.


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