2 thoughts on “NY Rising Public Engagement Meeting

  1. I believe most damage in the Point was caused by salt water flooding with the bay overflowing into town. The ocean side dunes did their job. What’s needed is a complete rebuild and unification of the bay side bulkhead from the Loop Bridge, around the point to the first jetty. If tides rise to the top of the (3 foot elevated) bulkhead level, back flow valves on storm drains would also be needed to stop street flooding. Living on the bay side, I have no problem going up and over an elevated bulkhead for access to my dock. i sure town residents would appreciate no bay/ocean water in the streets again.

  2. The sixty four thousand dollar question is: How will the money we are getting be spent. It is my understanding that “we”, as in Point Lookout and Lido, will not receive any money. The money that is allocated to our area is to go to the consulting firms to develop a master plan for the revitalization of Point Lookout and Lido area post storms Sandy, Irene and another storm , the name of which escapes me. Be sure to attend the meeting on Tuesday to get the accurate information regarding the Community Rising Plans.

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