Where Our Dunes Have Gone


I was at the beach two nights ago and I was stunned to notice that what had been the back line of the beach / the beginning of the dunes and back fence on Second Beach, on the South West side of town, was no longer there as you can see in the picture above.

Someone there asked if I knew what had happened.

With the remnants of Tropical Storm Karen that came through here late last week, I was worried. That eroded away Gilgo beach all the way up to Ocean Parkway, closing 2 lanes as I write this.

Not to worry! I spoke with Ron Masters from Town of Hempstead’s Department of Conservation and Waterways at the NYS Rising meeting. He told me the town has done this on purpose. They pushed the loose sand back to preserve it from being washed away in winter storms, and hopefully provide a wider, fatter berth when the Army Corps of Engineers project comes in.

So no need to panic like I did, once you know it was done on purpose and not by erosion.

Thanks to the town for their proactive stance to protect us and our resources.


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