The Abandoned


Just in case you didn’t see the signs for 6 weeks; the 4 emails from the Point Lookout Civic Association or any of the town and other notices, social media, church missals, etc, your abandoned goods from the beach hut have been evicted and are pending for garbage pick up.

Of course a few years ago was the one year I didn’t pick up my literally days old chairs by the third week of September and they got tossed that year. So, hats off to Fran and everyone else at the Town of Hempstead for their patience this year.

If you grabbed all the broken items there and wore them for Halloween could you pass for Jabba the Beach Hut? Ba dum bum cha.


One thought on “The Abandoned

  1. One summer, when I worked as a tag person for TOH, I had to clean out the shack. Pretty much, NO ONE took back their chairs from the summer before. I ended up having to use a wheelbarrow to take out the chairs efficiently. In the end, the pile was as high as the wall.

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