Election Day Voter’s Guide 2013


Election Day is Tuesday, November 5, 2013.

First and foremost, Point Lookout’s polling place this year is:


In an off presidential year, voters can tend to let their vote go by the wayside.

So what’s at stake this year?

The big race this year is Nassau County Executive.

Four years ago, Mangano took it from Suozzi by only about 50 votes county-wide. Interesting to see if in the rematch that widens, or disappears.

That’s pretty important, and did you know there are 6 referendum issues?

The League of Women voters give a great, non-partisan synopsis of each here:


    I attempt to be non partisan to tell you those issues:
  • Legalizing Casinos
  • Veteran’s Civil Service Exam credits
  • Sewage Facilities methods accounting for debt
  • State versus private ownership of land currently owned by the state
  • Free land swap for mining company to get state lands (and we don’t get anything for the “minerals” On them? Ok I can’t let that one go, that’s a no!)
  • State Judge age limits increase.

So please check those out, be informed.

Anyway, applause to the League of Women Voters for such great info to benefit our citizens on issues that TV and papers can’t give the proper time to!


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