Point Lookout – Lido FD Fire Prevention Expo 2013

Maeve Emery boards Engine 1!

Last Saturday, October 26, 2013, the Point Lookout-Lido Fire Department held their annual Fire Prevention Expo and Demonstration. Dozens of area children got to board fire trucks, join fire safety training and even use the fire hose!

As recommended,

remember to change the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors this weekend to coincide with daylight savings time.

I spoke briefly with Stephen Merola, who was making sure everyone is aware of home fire safety. He told me of a great new product for anyone that doesn’t have a hardwired fire alarm system.

First Alert makes wireless, multiroom-connected “One Link” smoke detectors that will all go off at the same time in a fire. This can add crucial time to aid a family’s escape.

Stephen told me one of the greatest threats is children and young adults who sleep through the loud fire alarm as if it was their annoying alarm clock going off!

If this sounds like your children, you may want to consider a hardwired system that records your voice to sound with the alarm. This proves more effective than just the alarm, to wake up those in danger.

The department was also helping families develop a home fire escape plan. I include that page above (click on the photo for a larger version) to help those who couldn’t attend and remind those who did that today is the perfect day to do it!

A great community day- thanks to the department and all who attended!


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