ISON or Icarus?

If you’ve been following, by now you know today, Thanksgiving 2013, ISON will reach perihelion, the closest point to the sun as it continues its path through our solar system and slingshots around the sun.

Will it survive the intense heat and pressure? Or will it burn its wings, flying too close to the sun?

Incredible video from Comet ISON news on You Tube from the NASA SOHO (Solar And Heliospheric Observatory) where we see ISON approaching through solar flares!

Please click here if the video doesn’t load

We will know in the next few days how well it did, and anything before then is just speculation. Rumors of its early demise are exaggerated at best, so don’t believe the hype. Let’s wait for the evidence.

A reminder. Please do not try to see ISON by looking at the sun and never, ever point binoculars or a telescope at the sun!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!


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