Polar Bears Ring In 2014: Video


Please click this link if the video doesn’t load

Dozens of residents joined together today to take part in the annual New Years Day Point Lookout Polar Bears dip.

Right in the middle of dredging Jones Inlet to the East, the beach looked quite different today than usual.


The clock struck noon, the charge was called and the Polar Bears stormed the chilled 39 degree water.

I’m not sure the “rules” on how wet one “must” get, but most dunked completely, surfaced and ran for warm towels, cheers and the camaraderie that awaited them.

As the temperature hovered around the freezing mark, the usual 20 mph winds put the wind chill “feel” near 18 degrees.


“This was the coldest year yet” said Chas Thompson after making the plunge.

I agree!

Is that you in the video?
Did you join in?


3 thoughts on “Polar Bears Ring In 2014: Video

  1. Thanks again for your commentary ,pics & video! Today’s was extra special since you caught my son, Sean (Teds) on video! I’m in frigid Canada now & thinking they’re all out of their minds! ❄❄

  2. About the dredging – Where is the sand for our beach coming from? I see a dredge crew in the bay south of the Short Beach Coast Guard Station. Is sand being pumped all the way from there?

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