Close That School – I Want My 38 Bucks!


to accompany tonight’s school consolidation/ repurposing meeting

Guest Post by “Falter Ego”….

Long Beach schools are facing declining enrollment ~ another outlet just showed the current “repurposing” plans will save the average homeowner $38 a year! ¬†Cut taxes? ¬†Count me in!!!

We must slash the very services young families need most, so those young families can afford to live here! ¬† What makes you poorer makes me richer, oppression is freedom… and all that!

It is not lost on me many of you young parents believe in this already! ¬†Solidarity? Unity? um, er … lets get let’s prove it’s every man for himself! What a great plan:

Making a family’s different children go to different schools and change to a different one almost every year is good!

  • eliminates an hour a day of learning, family, or homework time! Good!
  • graduations soar from grade to grade and school to school! All the graduation cards and gifts will drive our economy!
  • every kid must adjust, every year. ¬†Learn isolation, submit and shut up, worry about the future at all times. ¬†Good!
  • perfect to destabilize them to fail all the tests we’re demanding, to prove schools and teachers are no good.

It’s about time we make all those spoiled, do-nothing stay-at-home parents (im not sexist-that includes you slacker dads, too!) have to pick up and drop off their taker kids at two or three different schools simultaneously. Remind them what it’s like in corporate America! ¬†Dumb idea from the top? Execute! ¬†All so someone¬†who won’t have to sacrifice at all, can enhance their six (or seven) figure income, ¬†and put the consequences on you. This will keep them in touch with the workforce if they decide to return.

But maybe the most valuable life lessons will be for students

  • once you’ve got yours on the public dime you need to turn around make sure no one else has a chance at the same! Thats your right! You deserved it, they’re just takers!
  • if you can get a job, you will change jobs every year or two in order get ahead or a small raise to keep up with costs. ¬†Lucky¬†¬† ¬†“Deserving” ones won’t face downsizing and layoffs before finding the next job.
  • I got my pension from 25 years of 8 hour days completing 30% of the work you will do every day! ¬†Just because you youngsters will make less now for 12 hour days with no pension, no retirement and probably no social security or medicare that I will have, as you will continue to pay for mine, ¬†that’s your fault! ¬† Don’t worry young parents, I’m looking out to make sure you “save” $38 dollars a year to keep you in your house!
  • Demand CUTS and ACCOUNTABILITY of everyone… but me!

Besides, why are we paying for these educations, anyway? ¬† These kids have no chance of getting jobs-there aren’t any!

Cutting three nurses to two nurses is only a 50% caseload increase, to accommodate a 12% enrollment decline. Think of the HUUUUUGE savings of that, with no liability problems! ¬†Well, ¬†liability problems aren’t mine, anyway. ¬†When something bad happens, we can use that for our political ends and just blame the nurses, ¬†teachers,¬†or administration! ¬†TRIFECTA!

Heck, it just mirrors society’s overworked nurses, PLUS our local reality of no hospital anyway! We need to teach these kids to just get used to that!

All you drivers have it too easy –¬†You have to save my taxes, too!

  • I like when you get stuck driving behind the buses. I imagine with glee the buses in both directions stopping traffic, now! Other buses will stop the buses you’re already stuck behind. Block After Block After Block.
  • Think of how well you will get to know your neighbors, chatting to them in the next car during this gridlock. It can only be good for the community as they relax together on their way to work!
  • Naturally, this creates no safety problems. When a child is run over, ¬†that’s just a shame. Because, who could’ve seen that coming? It’s not like people are already breaking laws to get around the buses, drive 50+mph through the 20 mph school zone, pass stopped buses or literally throw things in addition to epithets at the cars who actually do stop for the stopped buses! ¬†I’ve never seen any of those things!
  • Wow, I hadnt thought of it before, but we can get rid of a part-time crossing guard, too! ¬†cha-ching!!! ¬†Send me the $$$$$$$avings!

Best of all, the extra fuel for all this costs nothing and that cost is only going down all the time!

Quadrupling¬†the annual mileage on our buses doesn’t cost anything either. When the buses only last one quarter of the time they were expected to last, ¬†we can blame the schools, and push that cost onto the next generation through capital improvement bonds, not general taxes! ¬†Best of all, those bonds will go onto the MUST PAY portion of the school budget pushing taxes higher, but ha ha-We have a 2% cap, so they’ll have to slash even more from education then, to pay for my $38 now… plus interest and depreciation!!

Besides, our kids need to toughen up socially and emotionally especially after being displaced to “luxury hotels” by superstorm Sandy!


Wait, you mean they will have to SPEND millions to move and “repurpose” and I won’t see any savings for 2-5 years depending on the plan? But I want my 38 bucks NOW!!! Its MINE!

And there’s no guarantee construction and IT installation costs couldn’t end up higher? ¬† That didn’t happen last time!

Please ignore the Suffolk BOCES Post-Sandy report that says that elementary enrollment will go back up 3% over the next five years and go up near 5% over the next decade. That report did not include all the new multifamily buildings that have been proposed already in 2014,  500+ units just on one of those projects, plus numerous smaller ones running through zoning appeals right now as developers snatch up distressed or damaged properties and turn them into multifamily units.

I’m sorry what? You say the schools are OUR buildings and institutions that WE THE PEOPLE own for OUR use, that help define our property SALES values (not tax rates because it is all relative to neighbors’ houses)¬†and provide for our future security etc?

I like bad ideas just like the next guy, so when someone said “taxes” and used buzzwords like “downsizing” and¬†“consolidation”,¬†my brainwashing kicked in, and my knee jerked so hard my foot chipped a tooth on the way into my mouth and all calm reasoning, facts and issues went out the window.

But nevermind reality- it’s never stopped me before!

I avoid all these consequences and socialize them¬†to everyone else AND I get $38? ¬†¬†Close, I mean “repurpose” that school!!


5 thoughts on “Close That School – I Want My 38 Bucks!

  1. I agree let’s close the school….invest more money into the classrooms we need, not stretch the money between half filled classrooms we don’t.
    If enrollment jumps(which it won’t) just do what Huntington did and take the building out of mothballs and reopen in 10 years.
    Nobody with any common sense should be saying the district is down 600 students so do nothing….don’t reduce staff, don’t use less classrooms, don’t reduce teachers for 600 less kids….don’t downsize nurses…don’t close the building….just pretend the classrooms are full and I’m sure everything will just work itself out…crazy

    • and let all the value of the surrounding homes drop ,yes there’s less people, people still haven’t returned from Sandy , they want to put in a 500 apt building 3 blocks away ,do u think there might be some kids there ? do u think LB is on the decline ….you want to see taxes go up .staff the building with new jobs and computers and furniture and phone systems, remember for every person you hire as an administrator at 40 g a year (and that cheep ) thats 6.6 houses school tax ,hire 5 people that 30 houses that u will use there tax money on pay checks

    • Joe, were did you get the information that classrooms are half filled?
      In Huntington they did not convert the school into offices. East school would be converted into a community center with offices at a cost estimated by the BOE to be $2.2million. If enrollment increases how much will it cost to put back the classrooms? Probably well over $2.2 million. Now you have lost your original investment of $2.2 million and now add another $2.2+million to put back the classrooms.
      We have two curriculum writers on staff, if we are now required to follow NYS common core curriculum why have these positions? There are 32-35 (get two different answers on this number) administration positions, if enrollment went down why mantain that many administrators? The BOE is not giving the taxpayers all the answers. The BOE already cut staff, the music and art teacher has to cover two schools traveling in their own car. Everyone needs to look to the future expenses before any decision is made. I am also a taxpayer but the BOE will not refund or credit you $38. What they will do is tax you when its time to put the classrooms back into East School and costs of constructions keeps going up. The children come first. All district need to real in the costs of administration and consolidate the disricts.
      Why is a superintendant making $500,000.00 on long island, were as his or her counter part in NYC makes far less then that and has a bigger geographic area. The cost of living on long Island is out of control, we as taxpayers must question our elected politicans as to why this is happening. All of the politicans make back door deals, my disrtict needs this and your district needs that, vote for mine and I will vote for yours. Not to mentions the pork bellies attached to many proposed bills. The front end of the bills are appealing to the public (wow we’re going to get that) but at the end of the bill (which we never get to see because we are stuck in the wow factor) we are spending money in another area just to get that area to approve you bill. It’s time to questions the powers to be and not compromise our childrens education. In the common core curriculum they reduced science classes, isn’t this world all about science? How will we compete with other nations without scientist and engineers?

      • Alex….u ask where did I get information that classrooms are half filled?? I can do math. The district is down 600 kids. Assuming class sizes were somewhere around 30 kids(I doubt it was ever that high)…that’s either 22 empty classrooms somewhere… Or 44 half empty classrooms. Now elementary schools aren’t the biggest facilities in the district, so I’m assuming 22 classrooms would equal just about the entire classroom complement of East School. I agree with many of your points about district consolidation and very top heavy bloated administration but I am confused that u would suggest district consolidation as it would most likely mean the closing of several facilities in both districts as the disricts merge(long beach high and island park would never continue to maintain 2 underpopulated high schools). And honestly I would more be in favor of the district selling East School and not converting it to administrative use/community center…whatever that means. Everyone is so focused on the initial $38 savings being small…but maintaining these facilities even as enrollment continues to drop would only grow over time and pull needed funding from educational resources needed for our kids.

  2. Although, my grand daughter graduated from LBHS several years ago, and we no longer have a student attending the LB schools, I am opposed to closing the East SChool. Since 10/29./2012, our kids have had to adjust to much to much in their young lives. Many of our students are still not living in their homes, as yet, because of Sandy. Many families have moved in to the neighborhood near East School specifically because they wanted to have their children attend the East School.. If the administration building is not usable, possibly, the administration might share some of the space that may be available at East, Lido, West or Lindell schools. The amount of savings is minuscule when you compare the disruption of the students at East, that will occur if you close East and move these kids all around the district.

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