Long Beach Animal Shelter is Back

Long Beach Municipal Animal Shelter
770 Park Place
Long Beach NY
(516) 431 4359

M-F 10-5
Sat & Sun 11-4

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The Long Beach Animal Shelter crew

the crew on duty: (clockwise from top left) Brian Biller, Peggy Maier, Debbie Ferry, Valerie Duffy and Nikko

A few days ago it came to my attention that the Long Beach Animal Shelter is back. Coincidentally I had to pass by today, had a few minutes, and stopped in to see what’s going on.

Now under the control of Long Beach City Animal Control officers, it looks to me like the place is being well-run, well-kept, clean and the animals are well cared for.

There are 2 animal control officers, a lieutenant, two employees plus many volunteers who do numerous duties from feeding and walking the dogs to training.

I spoke with animal control officer Brian Biller.

He hopes for “the residents to come in and see what their shelter is doing… since it’s being city-run again. ”

“The residents are very supportive. Long Beach is a big animal lover community.” He says the shelter has “really come a long way – in a positive way”

“The biggest challenge that we’re facing is that people don’t know that we are reopened. There are so many great adult cats and dogs that really need homes. People don’t realize it’s easier to adopt” rather than buy.

Franklin welcomed me before he left for his walk. At long Beach Animal Shelter.

Franklin welcomed me before he left for his walk. At long Beach Animal Shelter.

He explains because of what they do at the shelter the animals are usually housebroken and socialized with some training to make the adoption process much smoother.

The extensive veterinary care that the animals receive for any problems that arise, also includes shots, neutering and spaying. Full medical histories are available on the animals.  Also they have staggered work hours so the animals are not left for long periods of time unattended.

When people are looking to adopt, just come down and fill out an adoption application. “We try and find a dog that suits them. We know these dogs very well” he says “we always try to find the right fit”.

The prices are all set by the City Clerks office. He says “an eight month old male …is only $60, and that comes with being neutered, rabies vaccinations” and certificate that he’s all healthy.

“Why pay thousands of dollars ..for a dog when you can get one for $60-$70 that’s trained and housebroken and has all it’s shots?”

In the short time I was there speaking with him, multiple dogs were being walked – one after the other after the next.

“The socialization factor here is really great” for the animals he says.

He also says they have a volunteer trainer who has saved numerous dogs from being turned into the shelter in the first place, or being returned by helping the family and dog learn to work together before surrendering the dogs. That trainer has only asked for donations to the shelter in lieu of payment.

They need volunteers.

Some, like Peggy, come in and walk the dogs. Some socialize the cats, some clean, some help give the medications. There’s much to do.

Volunteers are needed. Call 431-4359 and they’ll help you fill out a volunteer application.

Taking the tour.

Brian was (rightfully) proud to show me all areas were clean. Some were obviously already clean and were now being sanitized as well. This was already happening before I got there so it wasn’t just for show. Back rooms, storage and outside play areas were all neat, organized, and clean.

Every cat wanted to know what my pants felt like if they rubbed up on them.

Every cat wanted to know what my pants felt like if they rubbed up on them- at Long Beach Animal Shelter.

In our travels he brought me into their “cage-free” cat room, which looked more like a free-range playroom for cats with lots of cat beds, and things meant to be climbed. There were 5 or 6 litter boxes – all clean.   The cats were extremely social and friendly-my feet were surrounded by an inquisitive furry squad – in a good way.

In the kennel area the dogs had special trampoline-like beds. Brian explained these beds keep them off the floor and provide  better comfort and protection. They are easy to keep clean and in fact were a donation and more are pledged to be donated soon.

“I would love for people to come in here just to see (the place) and adopt. There are so many great dogs that we have here.”

He wants everyone to know you can get these great cats and dogs at an affordable price. “And you are doing such a good deed by taking (them), especially after Sandy. A lot of these animals are still here from Sandy.”

Donations are always welcome especially wet cat food and litter seem to go faster than the rest.

So, go down and see them.  Like them on Facebook at the link above to stay posted from them.

If you can, give a new friend a forever home, too.
Either way, let everyone know the Long Beach Animal Shelter is back.


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