“Water Problem” article you should read.



A really good read.

Great article addressing mostly SURFACE issues. Click on the link below:

Long Island’s Water Problem


(yes, this article does appear in printed form!)

Unfortunately, the two outstanding groups leading the charge to me, seem to be divided on these grounds: surface and underground.

The “surface” / anti-pollution coalition is getting some things done because they are well funded and have 20+ years experience.  Its very easy to understand that pollution isn’t good.

The other group wants a comprehensive plan for all drinking water with plans that would keep costs of it to near zero.  Unfortunately, this will require legislation AND public support.  Some private corporations make their money by pumping water, not by managing the resource to make sure it is sustained.  The more they pump, the more they make. Hard to change.

Some people use a lot of water thinking if they can afford it, thats their right.  They’re not paying the costs to REPLACE what they take that you can no longer use, just the cost to deliver it.    Hard to change.

In our area, a broken sewage plant and runoff affects the bays on the surface.  In other areas it’s industrial pollution and in others it is nitrogen from septic tanks.

Uncontrolled overuse and overpavement of areas that blocks the replenishment of our supply from rainwater and causes pollutants and saltwater contamination to be pulled into our drinking water is our problem, below the surface.

Nassau County is generally ignoring it, and has been for 15+ years. Very easy to avoid raising taxes this way.

You don’t have to fix a problem you won’t acknowledge.

The only agreement: all will have to be dealt with, near- simultaneously, island-wide, to fix it.

The longer we wait, the harder it will be.



Suffolk County Executive Bellone just made this his #1 Priority, but its a huge undertaking. Kudos to him for acknowledging it.

Get some knowledge.  YOU will be part of the solution, whatever it is.




2 thoughts on ““Water Problem” article you should read.

  1. Hi An important issue to clarify: our ( Pt. Lkt-Lido Water District) water is drawn from the 1500 ft. deep Lloyd Aquifer. It is not resupplied by rain water run off. However NYC is attempting to tap into our aquifer ( Gerry Ottavino covered this in detail).
    This item was covered extensively in the Jan. 2014 issue of our BY THE SEA.
    Also our Long Beach barrier island existed for thousand of years, it was never occupied until the mid 1800, because there was no source of potable water. Water was initally “tanked” in, subsequently it was supplied by Long Beach until we drilled our own source.
    Contact us for more info or copies. Don Kelly Pres.Pt Lkt.-Lido Property Owners Inc.

    • Yes Don, Jerry’s article was great and I would like to reprint it if that’s possible. The best information I have is that the Lloyd Aquifer is recharged from rainwater, it just takes a LONG time to get that deep. Currently the rain that falls near only the tallest points on Long Island by the LI expressway recharge us…and it’s been greatly paved over. So instead the water is running off the pavement into storm drains and into the Bay or the LI Sound rather than recharging our aquifer.

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