📷 Photo of the Week : 2014-09

"Glowball" taken 12/19/13 at Point Lookout Town Beach, Point Lookout, NY with

“Glowball” taken 12/19/13 at Point Lookout Town Beach, Point Lookout, NY with iPhone5

By now you’re understanding these sunsets are my own little reflection obsession, a little rorschach test that changes every night. It is quite funny what the mind sees. I am surprised at recurring shapes (since every one of these sunsets has a unique personality to me) in many that I wouldn’t have thought because they must be formed by half of what they are, perfectly placed for the reflection: like this globe.

This was a crazy night, and the glow that everything took on felt very odd and became a little spooky. Not that it stopped me!

what do you see?


Jo Jo Apples 🍎 Returns After Renovations

After a month of renovations Jo Jo Apples Cafe   unveiled their new look this week.


“Going into it, it was a big job.” Owner Gail Vasta told me. “But it was made easier than I thought it would be”. Needless to say, she’s happy with the renovations, done in just 4 weeks, and rightly so.

The staff were glad to be back and so were the customers who were still enjoying their dinners well past normal closing time.


Gail told me April 1, 2014 will start the 18th year she’s owned Jo Jo Apples and she said “It was time. It needed to be updated.”

You know, when you’re dealing with a restaurant that’s pretty much an institution in town, you have to be careful what you change. “I’m happy with the how it turned out -we didn’t want to lose the charm of the place,” Gail said.  I think they’ve done that well, too.


Not just a new look

Chef Kimberly is working on new Prix Fixe menu specials that will include appetizers as well as the dinner specials we’ve come to know. They also will serve new deserts including cheesecakes from Juniors and espresso and cappuccino are added to the menu.

Gail says that online ordering is in the works in the near future.

We talked about how much is involved in owning a restaurant.

“You really have to love it to be here every day”. She says she does and she’s glad the staff do, too. It’s long, hard work “But it’s all worth it. The best part is to just see people enjoy what they’re eating and having a good time here.”


The renovation is a tasteful and comfortable update on a Point Lookout tradition, with quality finishes that’s ready for the next 18 years. See it for yourself while you enjoy a cuppa, snack, or a meal; at the place where people mean when they say “Meet me in Point Lookout for Breakfast”.

📷 Photo of the Week : 2014-08

"Vaporbolt" taken 1/31/14 at Point Lookout Town Beach, Point Lookout, NY with iPhone5

“Vaporbolt” taken 1/31/14 at Point Lookout Town Beach, Point Lookout, NY with iPhone5

A unique occurrence during the dredging made for some great sandscapes, some really prehistoric looking(check out the one I posted to instagram that day). You can see the flags representing where the sand would be put just a day later and all is now under about 6 feet of sand. The hazy sky was perfect as a weird-looking backdrop. The Vapor trails turned to zigzags like a lightning bolt, or a “vapor bolt”.

Join NYS Citizens Preparedness Corps

Each Participant will receive a preparedness kit like this one

Each Participant will receive a preparedness kit like this one

Join NYS Citizens Preparedness Corps training by National Guard, Homeland Security.

Be trained to help your family and neighbors in an emergency.

“Over the past three years we have experienced several significant natural disasters, and we need to make sure our communities and citizens are safe, prepared and trained to respond to these often cataclysmic events,” said Governor Cuomo. “The Citizen Preparedness Corps Training program will ensure that citizens across the State are ready to provide critical assistance in their own homes and to their own neighbors whenever disaster strikes. Beginning with approximately 100,000 citizens trained this year, we intend to make this program a centerpiece of the State’s coordinated response to future severe storms and natural disasters.

Every training participant (one per family) will receive a free Citizen Preparedness Corps Response Starter Kit, which includes:

•Plastic drop cloth
•Light stick
•(2) D Batteries
•First Aid Kit
•Face mask
•Safety goggles
•AM/FM pocket radio with batteries
•(6) packs of drinking water
•(6) food bars
•Regular flashlight
•Emergency blanket
•Duct tape
•Work gloves
•Water bottle

As part of the training, participants will receive information about the other supplies and personal information that they should add to their personal Response Kit.

Saturday 2/22/14 10am. Bethpage.

Info & register at the link below.


☢ Radioactive Cesium 137 found in Reynold’s Channel.

No “imminent” danger, but it all adds up, no?

Please check out this Article From Newsday : Radioactive Element Found In Reynolds Channel

Normally I would just share this on social media but when I read the article i have to ask:

  • what has been going on at Bay Park plant?
  • We know it came to light that people were actively seeking to get rid of radioactive Fracking waste through our treatment plants. is this related?
  • this radioactivity is related to human made nuclear fallout… didnt know we had that there!

To me, I can read beteween the lines pretty well here: The players parse words very effectively. let me translate:

EPA’s biggest concern seems to be “hey don’t blame us, we didn’t find it and nobody made us look for this and we’re still not going to”.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission said about the high levels “that’s nothing! call us when it’s 1000 pico grams so we know we could pollute here and you never be able to tell the difference!

others postulate this is just a resuspension of sediments.

Doesn’t the resuspension of the sediments also dilute them further? i can’t imagine sod sized clumps disperse in clumps and re-settle elsewhere? And then that was just a big coincidence that’s what got sampled. seriously? I don’t know about you but I know if I had a bucket of sediment and water and I shook it up and re mingled that into the bay it would be pretty diluted.

so, the consenus with these quoted people is that it’s not a big concern because “it was part of the marine environment before” um. yeah after someone dumped it there.

In a rather strange coincidence, I shared this next unbelievable article and must watch Video report from the Tampa Bay Times on social media a few weeks ago, but facebook only showed it to about 40 people(dont get me started!).

This took place directly off our shores in the late 50’s:

USS Calhoun County sailors dumped thousands of tons of radioactive waste into ocean

so how long are 60 year old, concrete-filled 55 gallon drums supposed to contain that, much less the things that were just dumped outright….that (allegedly) included an unused Atomic bomb! and this cesium 137 would make sense then ?

Maybe I’d rather not find out.