Join NYS Citizens Preparedness Corps

Each Participant will receive a preparedness kit like this one

Each Participant will receive a preparedness kit like this one

Join NYS Citizens Preparedness Corps training by National Guard, Homeland Security.

Be trained to help your family and neighbors in an emergency.

“Over the past three years we have experienced several significant natural disasters, and we need to make sure our communities and citizens are safe, prepared and trained to respond to these often cataclysmic events,” said Governor Cuomo. “The Citizen Preparedness Corps Training program will ensure that citizens across the State are ready to provide critical assistance in their own homes and to their own neighbors whenever disaster strikes. Beginning with approximately 100,000 citizens trained this year, we intend to make this program a centerpiece of the State’s coordinated response to future severe storms and natural disasters.

Every training participant (one per family) will receive a free Citizen Preparedness Corps Response Starter Kit, which includes:

•Plastic drop cloth
•Light stick
•(2) D Batteries
•First Aid Kit
•Face mask
•Safety goggles
•AM/FM pocket radio with batteries
•(6) packs of drinking water
•(6) food bars
•Regular flashlight
•Emergency blanket
•Duct tape
•Work gloves
•Water bottle

As part of the training, participants will receive information about the other supplies and personal information that they should add to their personal Response Kit.

Saturday 2/22/14 10am. Bethpage.

Info & register at the link below.


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