Groundswell Support For a New Hospital


A new, nonpartisan movement has begun from Beach to Bay Central Council (BBCC), that seeks a full-service hospital for Long Beach.

Right now, all emergencies are being transported out of town, adding 20-30 minutes to arrive at the nearest hospital. This adds a huge risk to all of us in emergencies where seconds count, and strains our first responders who are stretched thin and cannot return for the next emergency for up to several hours.

Speaking to me for them is BBCC member and Lido Homes Civic Association President Darlene Haut.

“We think people don’t realize how at risk they are without an ER Hospital. We are working so hard on this issue because we truly believe that if we get an ER Hospital reopened we will be saving someone’s life.”

Meet Beach to Bay Central Council. From their literature:

“The Beach to Bay Central Council [BBCC] was created to serve as a centralized resource for the various neighborhoods civic associations on Long Beach Island. We will promote the civic and general welfare of the residents in this area, to promote and encourage improvements in the community, to stimulate the interest of the residents of Long Beach Island in civic affairs; and to do all things legal, convenient or necessary to carry out these purposes.”

“Who buys the assets is not our concern as long as they reopen a hospital.  We don’t want it sold to real estate developers. We don’t want it sold to another hospital entity that will just open an urgent care (doc in box) in Long Beach and not give us a hospital with an Emergency Room. If they only give us an Emergency Room (without a hospital), its doomed to fail financially and we risk losing it… we need an ER Hospital” she said.
I agree.

I feel this is a movement I can get behind because it represents the interests of our lives as residents here on the barrier beach to the only things that count to everyone here- access to quality care, here,  and use of public funds for the public benefit.

BBCC are a civic association (residents representing residents) with all members from the area, representing the public interest.
You can find and sign their petition by clicking here:  Long Beach NY Needs Our Hospital to Reopen

the flyer for the Beach to Bay Central Council forum

the flyer for the Beach to Bay Central Council forum

They are holding an open forum for all residents and urge you to attend at Lindell School on Monday March 24, 2014 (see flyer)
you can find their flyer for the forum by clicking here

The group want to “get the word out, educate, get signatures on the petition, and coordinate the public forum on March 24th at Lindell.

“We are trying to get everyone on the same page so our politicians can hear a loud voice from this barrier island and ultimately (reopen) an ER Hospital in Long Beach.” Ms Haut said.


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