Beach To Bay: Long Beach City Council Must Act


Beach to Bay Central Council of Civic Associations is asking Long Beach residents to please get the Long Beach City Council to pass a resolution at the City Council meeting Tuesday June 3, 2014, that demands a full service hospital return to Long Beach.

Can you believe the city council still hasn’t, as a body,  legally done this, even a stupid resolution passed???

This is the same City Council who were so offended and upset that a resident had said they had seemed not to act on this issue, back at the March Beach to Bay sponsored Hospital meeting. They were so upset that they forced retractions of that statement.

Then we got this wonderful update :

LB Herald: FEMA to release funds to South Nassau

that says even tough the whole $100 million asked for,  plus $42 million more, $142 million total going to South Nassau, STILL doesn’t guarantee us ANYTHING, even an emergency room that was already rebuilt and ready to reopen a year ago.

My rant in response to what is going on has been withheld for a different post. Please contact Long Beach City Council on behalf of Beach to Bay and call 431-1000 x 7200 to reach the members of the City Council.

Scott J. Mandel (City Council President)
Fran Adelson (City Council Vice President)
Athony Eramo (City Council Member)
Eileen J. Goggin (City Council Member)
Len Torres (City Council Member)

you can contact Beach to Bay by clicking here


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