Long Beach City Council Letter to SNCH

copy of the letter Long Beach City council sent today to South Nassau Communities Hospital.

copy of the letter Long Beach City council sent today to South Nassau Communities Hospital.


see our post from earlier today: Beach To Bay: Long Beach City Council Must Act

In response to the campaign  from Beach to Bay Central Council of Civic Associations to please get the Long Beach City Council to pass a resolution Tuesday June 3, 2014, that demands a full service hospital return to Long Beach, the city today sent, published and posted a letter to the CEO of South Nassau Communities Hospital.

The letter asks the hospital to discuss their plans for Long Beach Medical Center. This is the link to it on the City website 

It also states they would like the $138 million, that the hospital seemingly got with no strings attached for Long Beach Medical Center,  to actually be spent there and not at their other facilities(can you freakin believe that !!)


Text of the letter:

June 2, 2014
Mr. Richard Murphy, CEO
South Nassau Communities Hospital
One Healthy Way
Oceanside, New York 11572
Dear Mr. Murphy:
Please be advised that the City Council, along with the City Manager, is hereby requesting a
meeting with you and the Board of Directors of South Nassau Communities Hospital to discuss
the next chapter in the re-opening of the Long Beach Medical Center.
The summer season is upon us, bringing tens of thousands of visitors to our community. The
need and desire for a functioning hospital with a 24 hour 911 Receiving Emergency Department
in the City of Long Beach is critical. Therefore, we are anxious to meet and to hear what plans
and progress has been made since your acquisition of the facility.
Further, we believe that it is imperative that all of the 138 million dollars provided through
FEMA goes directly into the rehabilitation of the future facility.
Please contact the Office of the City Manager as soon as possible in order to schedule a meeting.
We look forward to working with you in order to provide for the public safety, health and
welfare of the people of our community and the entire barrier island.
Very Truly Yours,
City of Long Beach City Council



Thank you to Anthony Eramo, who responded to our tweet today:

Sorry my impatience with this is showing.



The fight is still on to have the City Council pass a resolution.

Beach to Bay are asking everyone to attend the City Council Meeting and wear red Tuesday June 3,2014 to show support for a full service, 24/7 hospital with full emergency room.


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