Leashed Common Denominator


A reader asks:
“Just wondering if you have any idea who i should call about a very aggressive dog that has charged me 3x over the past month?

It has tags but freely roams the street. Just worried it is going to hurt a child or an elderly person.. ”



6 thoughts on “Leashed Common Denominator

    • I have the address, dog just charged me this morning, If I had my son or two small dogs with me, there would have been a problem. I cant believe someone would let an obviously aggressive dog loose like that

  1. I just finished walking on the beach early this morning, and saw a dog loose, with tags. I have dogs of my own, one is friendly one is not. So i approached with caution, and calmly called the dog over, it came, sniffed around, and walked away in circles up and down the blocks. I followed it a bit, and saw it going into multiple yards, and using the street as its personal toilet. I took a pic in case it was some little girl or boys missing dog, and was going to walk home, but I saw him standing in the middle of the street, I just couldnt leave him in case something happened so I approached again, he walked into a driveway, so I stopped in front, this time he/she charged me, I yelled and put my foot up to keep it from biting me. Someone opened their door and the sound snapped the dog back to reality, he/she ran into the house. I know the address, I’m really pissed right now. If I had my son or dogs with me this could have been a very bad situation. Not only is YOUR dog aggressive, he/she also went to the bathroom in three different yards on two different blocks. If you read this, I hope I don’t see your dog loose again.

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