Guest Post: Children’s day


By: Chloe Brown

What is Children’s Day?

Children’s Day is the best day of the summer! It always has been and always will be. That is because the people of our beloved town, Point Lookout, come together “to put the icing on the cake called summer.”

Just over 80 years ago, Children’s day started at our very own Point Lookout beach. When this day first started, there were only two events, running and swimming. I spoke to former children’s day participant, Margaret Dougherty, who had said the day was running, swimming, getting watermelon and only vanilla ice cream cups. Then, later in the day, they gave out first, second, and third place trophies; When Margaret’s father was a kid, one of the only prizes was a pencil.

Eventually Children’s Day progressed to adding another event, the egg toss, for the parents. “One year I dressed up as my mom for the egg toss. I wore my mom’s terry cloth robe, big straw hat, and her big, green, plastic earrings.” This is a story that is cherished from Children’s Day.

Over the years, more events gradually became part of Children’s Day. Now, the events are: running, swimming, boogie boarding, the egg toss, sack races, the sand castle contest and many more events and activities! There is also a barbeque at the end of the day for everyone to enjoy along with a DJ for the kids. To make this day happen, it is truly a community effort!

What new stories will be created this children’s day and live on for generations? What will Children’s Day hold for he future? Let’s find out!


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