Hospital or Urgent Care or?


This coming Sunday, October 26, 2014 there will be a Rally in front of Long Beach City Hall to call for a full service Hospital with 24 hour emergency room.

When: Sunday October 26, 2014 2pm
Where: Kennedy Plaza, Long Beach
Bring: Signs and wear red clothes

I just received this letter

We have just read in the October 16th Long Beach Herald about the latest developments regarding South Nausau Community Hospital’s plans for Long Beach Medical Center.

We find it difficult to believe that they intend to devote all the FEMA designated funds of [$170,000,000.00] for the restoration of Long Beach Medical facility. With this amount of money, should it not be possible to re-open a full fledged hospital in Long Beach of which the Urgent Care Center could be a part?

A hospital is badly needed in a city surrounded by water with a number of nursing homes, an aging population, and a population that grows substantially during the summer months.

– Jacob and Ruth Lebowitz


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