Can you help plant Dune Grass December 2014?

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Town of Hempstead are seeking volunteers to help replenish dune grass that fortify our storm protection.

Individuals wishing to volunteer should contact the town’s Department of Conservation and Waterways at (516) 431-9200.

Dates : Saturday and Sunday December 13-14, 2014.
I will update with finalized days, times and places when I have the info.


From Town of Hempstead :

Hempstead Town Seeks Volunteers to Plant Beach Grass
to Bolster Dunes, Protect Low-Lying Communities

In the spirit of the holiday season, Hempstead Town Supervisor Kate Murray is calling on residents to give a gift to our seaside environment. Murray announced that the town is seeking volunteer groups, clubs, individuals and organizations to help plant beach grass along coastal areas in the communities of Point Lookout and Lido Beach on Saturday, December 13th and Sunday, December 14th. These plants help “harden” existing dunes, which protect beaches against erosion and low-lying communities against tidal storm surges.

“The Town of Hempstead is committed to protecting our seaside communities in the event of extreme-weather events like Superstorm Sandy,” stated Murray. “Planting beach grass will help protect our dunes against erosion and floodwaters, and we hope that many individuals and volunteer organizations will partner with the town on this important project.”

The town has approximately 250,000 American beach grass plants (also known as ammophila breviligulata), and is seeking to plant them at Civic Beach in Point Lookout, Town Park Point Lookout, Lido Beach Town Park, and Lido West Town Park. Groups and individuals wishing to volunteer should contact the town’s Department of Conservation and Waterways at (516) 431-9200.

Beyond combating erosion, the shoreline vegetation can actually help dunes grow in size by trapping sand in its elongated flowering spikes. As sand builds up around the new grass, stems grow higher, and newly sand-covered stems become part of the root structure.

Hempstead Town has built up dunes in seaside communities over several decades, and constant upkeep and repairs have been executed by the town’s Conservation and Waterways Department. And, while these dunes spared local residents from even greater devastation during Superstorm Sandy, they suffered significant erosion.

“We encourage residents to help us plant beach grass on December 13th and 14th,” concluded Murray. “Just a few hours of work can help protect you and your neighbors against storm damage for generations to come.”


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