Long Beach To Fight Port Ambrose LNG Facility


With the threat of a newly revitalized approval process looming, The Long Beach City Council has unanimously decided to officially and publicly oppose the Port Ambrose Liquefied Natural Gas project proposed off Long Beach and our Barrier Island.

Long Beach City Council will speak at this public meeting:

Community Meeting – Port Ambrose Resolution Announcement
Monday 12/8/14 7:30pm
Long Beach Public Library,
111 Park Ave. Long Beach, NY 11561

RSVP for The event on facebook here

Click here for the official City of Long Beach web page about their fight against Port Ambrose:


After similar proposals had been shot down 3 times previous, I had first featured the project in June of 2013
please see our previous posts :

“Liquid Natural Gas Port Off Pt Lookout!?”


“LNG: They Said It Couldn’t Happen”

Back then, on very short notice, the sole public hearing was scheduled to coincide with the 4th of July weekend. Public outcry did force the date to a more accessible time a week later.

400 people went to speak against the project. .
25,000 comments were lodged Against the project
17 comments were lodged In Favor of the project.

Sometime shortly after that, the company’s paperwork was so atrocious, the Maritime Administration took the unheard of measure of “stopping the clock” on the project’s approval timeframe, instead of rejecting the project.

The company seems poised to return to continue the process where they left off. Opposition is building once again in anticipation of that.


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